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finished :: 2010, originally uploaded by earthchick.

1. handspun legwarmers 2. handspun Thorpe, 3. Ishbel+flare: captured by my kid, 4. Handspun Thorpe II, take 1, 5. handspun Lacy Baktus, 6. Handspun Thorpe II, 7. handspun Thorpe III 8. easy baby cardigan, 9. Textured Shawl, 10. Handspun Thorpe IV, 11. handspun mittens, 12. crocheted :: Anne Scarf, 13. handspun Andrea’s Shawl, 14. handspun Citron, 15. handspun Felicity, 16. jellyfish, 17. handspun baby Thorpe 18. handspun baby Thorpe II, 19. Handspun Lavalette, 20. handspun cowl, 21. handspun Lavalette, 22. Handspun Sweetgum, 23. Handspun Little Sweetgum, 24. Embossed Leaves, 25. TTL Mystery Sock 26. Awbrey, 27. rocqua houndstooth potholder, 28. Awbrey 2, 29. Awbrey 3, 30. handspun Coleus

Well, here we are. Everything I knitted, crocheted, or wove on my kids potholder loom in 2010. (I put that little woven potholder there to round out the mosaic – and to maybe gig myself into using my actual loom in 2011!).

The numbers
hats: 8
cowls: 6
shawls: 6 (4 handspun)
scarves: 2 (1 crocheted, 1 knitted)
toys: 1
socks: 1.5
legwarmers: 1
potholder: 1
sweaters: 2 (1 baby, 1 adult)
gifts: 11
handspun: 20

It’s that last number that makes me happiest. 20 out of 30 of my projects were made with handspun. Sadly, I have spun almost nothing since I broke my ankle, but I am slowly getting back into it, and hope I can start getting some significant spinning done soon.

Looking at my mosaic, I’d have to say that my favorite knit of 2010 is a tie between my handspun Andrea’s Shawl and my handspun Lavalette (both Through the Loops patterns, natch). Of course I have a special place in my heart for my Sweetgum cowl – my first ever design, which also won the 4 Ounce Challenge design grand prize (a pile of fiber I’m dying to spin up). But my most-worn handknit from this past year is my handspun Lacy Baktus (the scarf up there in picture 5). I’ve never been much of a scarf knitter – I find them tedious, like blankets – but I really think I need more, so I’m betting there will be more scarves in 2011.

I’m also hoping to make more stuff for my kids this year. And maybe even finish up the vest I was making for My Old Man – for our anniversary last February (oops!). And I have another design I’ve charted and planned but just haven’t gotten knit up yet. I’m really anxious to get it out there, because I’m excited about it. So I hope I can find some hours soon!

I usually also do a sewing review each year, but when I looked at my sewing for 2010, every single bit of it was quilt blocks. 37 quilt blocks (phew!). I’ll be finishing up my quilting bee commitments in March, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed my bee experiences (and learned SO much), I am very anxious to get back to sewing some clothes.

Okay! So 2010 is done! What will 2011 hold? Stick around and see. In fact, come back tomorrow – something pretty fun is going to be happening here!

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