knitted :: handspun Coleus

knitted :: handspun Coleus, originally uploaded by earthchick.

You guys know I love me some Through the Loops. And you know I love knitting with handspun. I seem especially to have a thing for knitting shawls in handspun. So when Kirsten Kapur offered me the opportunity not only to test knit her shawl pattern, Coleus , but to knit it with her handspun . I said yes. And also ZOMGYES.

What an extra-special treat to knit with Kirsten’s handspun yumminess! This is Crown Mountain Corriedale in the most glorious shade of green. I loves it.

knitted :: handspun Coleus

The pattern is, of course, totally perfect. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from a Through the Loops pattern: clear, fluid, and yielding a beautiful project. The pattern comes with charts and written directions.

knitted :: handspun Coleus

Sadly, I ran out of yarn before I finished! Comparing my finished project to Kirsten’s, I wonder if I somehow managed to knit more of the garter section than I was supposed to. I could’ve sworn my stitch count was right on, but who knows. I was unable to finish the final lace section, and I ended up doing the last bit of border with some Sundara Sock left over from my Embossed Leaves socks. I think the dark trim looks nice, though I do regret that my lace portion isn’t as long and lovely as the original.

knitted :: handspun Coleus
(accidentally modeled inside-out here)

Regardless, I love it! It makes me happy! Apparently deliriously so – I took these pictures without coat or mittens in 16 degree weather.

knitted :: handspun Coleus

pattern: Coleus
yarn: Kirsten’s handspun Corriedale + a little leftover Sundara Sock
needles: size 3 (I’m a loose knitter)
cast on: November 16
bound off: December 31 – making it the last FO of 2010
mods: ran out of yarn and had to stop Border 2 after row 6, only did 4 garter rows at end, instead of 6
verdict: LOVE.

knitted :: handspun Coleus

I can’t recommend this pattern highly enough. I think that semicircular might be my current favorite shape for a shawl. It hits that sweet spot between rectangular – which is a shape I love but can be boring to knit – and triangular – which is fun to knit but can occasionally be challenging to wear (wear it with the triangle on the front and look like a bandit! wear it with the triangle at the back and have an arrow pointing to your, uh, assets!). The semicircular shape is fun to knit and flattering to wear. Plus it’s so versatile. This pattern is a great mix of yummy garter and lovely lace. I’m betting I’ll make this one again sometime.

knitted :: handspun Coleus

But model in 16-degree weather? Maybe not.


8 thoughts on “knitted :: handspun Coleus

  1. How gorgeous! I’m totally over triangular shawls, and really need to knit a semi-circular. Great pattern, great job! And your ZOMGYES had me laughing my asset off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m with you on triangular shawls. I said yesterday I feel like I ought to be an 1800s school marm in them. Perhaps a circular shawl will make a nice change to my preferred rectangular shawls.

  3. I saw it on Rav this morning and LOVE IT! I already had that pattern earmarked, but it’s absolutely stunning in handspun!! Love to infinity and beyond…..

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