knitted :: Socktoberfest Socks (Embossed Leaves)

knitted :: Embossed Leaves, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So when I said I had one more FO from 2010 to share, I totally forgot about these. According to the Rav, I started these in February 2009! I think I thought I was going to have them done for St. Patrick’s Day, only I got about 75% done and then just stopped. I’m sure I had a good reason at the time.

I picked them up briefly in October 2009, thinking I would finish them for that Socktober, but I didn’t. I finished these lovelies instead:
for Rav: TTL Mystery Socks

When I picked these back up this past Socktober, I discovered I was only 3 inches away from done! So I finished them up in a flash, and I love them.

knitted :: Embossed Leaves

pattern: Embossed Leaves
yarn: Sundara Sock, “Midnight Meadows”
needles: size 0 dpns
dates: February 15, 2009 – October 21, 2011
mods: none
verdict: this is the second time I’ve knit this pattern, and it’s a great pattern, those cascading leaves are just lovely, and I think they look especially good in this dark delicious green

knitted :: Embossed Leaves

I got some new shoes to replace the clogs I broke my ankle in. They are super comfy (they are also Danskos, just like my clogs), and I love the way they look, especially with the handknits.


9 thoughts on “knitted :: Socktoberfest Socks (Embossed Leaves)

  1. Yo missy I have these same Danskos and I agree that they are supreme. Your socks look fantastic and this pattern is the only sock pattern I would consider knitting again!!

  2. Oh, I love your embossed leaves socks. I think I grabbed the pattern on seeing your first pair and now, looking at these, can figure out why I haven’t knitted them yet. I’m looking for a good set of clogs to show off handknits. While I love Danskos, they are now almost all made in china (boo) and seem too high (I’ve rolled my ankles several times in my red ones. So I keep looking.

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