knitted :: Little Sweetgum

knitted :: Little Sweetgum, originally uploaded by earthchick.

This is a downsized version of my Sweetgum cowl, which I originally designed as a large over-the-shoulders cowl. This is some of the Hello Yarn Polwarth in “Cauldron” left over from the sweater I showed you yesterday (which took way less yarn than I anticipated).

knitted :: Little Sweetgum

yarn: roughly 125 yards (maybe less) of heavy worsted handspun
needles: size 9 dpns
dates: September 27-29, 2010
gauge: 4 st/1” (instead of 3 sts)
cast on: 78
lace repeat: 6 times (instead of 7)
full lace round: 3 times (instead of 5)

I thought it turned out pretty cute. I like it as a backless hat, too:
knitted :: Little Sweetgum

I sent it to Heather . I’d been wanting to spin some yarn up for her (because, you know, I’m afraid she might run out – heh), but since I broke my ankle three months ago I have spun up precisely one skein of yarn (so sad – I hope to get back to it soon!). I thought she might enjoy a little handspun giftie instead.

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