knitted :: Saturday sweatshirt sweater (handspun v-neck raglan)

This is my first ever handspun sweater.

Last July, I spun up 1.5 lbs. of Hello Yarn Polwarth in “Cauldron.” This was a fiber club offering that started out as this:
fiber :: Hello Yarn Fiber Club

I spun it up into 1153 yards of heavy worsted 2-ply. It was very floofy!
tdf10hy :: day 14

My sweater ended up using less than a pound of what I’d spun (roughly 900 yards, maybe less). It is light and lofty and warm and cozy, and basically what I was going for – a comfy, sweatshirt-like sweater for kicking around the house on chilly Satrudays.

I based the pattern very loosely on the Easy V-Neck Raglan pattern by Stefanie Japel, a sweater I made about four years ago. Instead of the ribbing around the waist and arms, I just knit it straight, and ended with a rolled hem for the waistband and cuffs. I did keep the rustic unfinished v-neck that I loved so much about the original pattern (I usually wear this with a dark purple tee underneath).

knitted :: handspun sweatshirt sweater
My favorite part is the sleeves. I was able to somewhat match them up (in terms of how the colors played out). And I made them on the long side, so they are super-snuggly. I loved rolled-hem cuffs.

knitted :: handspun sweatshirt sweater
But I have to admit, I’m not wild about how it striped out. That huge wide lime green stripe is in the exact wrong part of my body – the place I least need to emphasize! The way it striped was partly a result of how I spun it – I didn’t have a lot of barberpoling; instead I ended up with long color repeats, which of course result in stripes. I should’ve broken up the stripes a bit in the sweater, but I was having too much fun just knitting it as it came. It has a kind of Noro look to it, which I’m not wild about.

Still, it was a delicious spin and a fast, fun knit. I wear the sweater a lot, even though it’s not my usual style (the stripey-ness and in all those wild colors). So I guess it’s a win!
knitted :: handspun sweatshirt sweater

I had about 300 yards of yarn left over. I already whipped out one little something out of that, and I have more planned. I’m thinking a certain someone needs a sweater of her own out of this, as she clearly thinks this yarn is hers.
the eyes say it all

11 thoughts on “knitted :: Saturday sweatshirt sweater (handspun v-neck raglan)

  1. I love love love LOVE it! Both the sweater itself and the way it looks on you. And I actually think the striping looks fantastic, even if it wasn’t exactly what you intended… especially the two contrasting colors of the cuffs. So cute.

  2. Oh, I think it’s great. Sure, maybe the striping and colors isn’t what you normally wear, but isn’t it great to have an item like that in your wardrobe? And a burst of color is probably good for a knock around sweater… a little mind game to give you some energy. And while I’m not a fan of Noro, I’m definitely a fan of your sweater. 🙂

  3. Hmm, I’m trying to think of something else to say besides, “I love it”, or “Gorgeous” on “darnIreallyneedtolearnhowtospin”, but I’ve got nothing. So, you know, kinda nice sweater you got there. 🙂

  4. But the striping is amazing. It’s tremendous. It’s fabulous. That’s a perfect sweater for the yarn. The colors are exactly right on you. I LOVE it!

  5. If you add a hoodie at the back, and a pocket for your hands in the front, it would be one of my shirts worn in the 70s.

    I love the colors, and I think the lime stripe makes your waist look teeny tiny!

    Terrific job, I’m feeling very envious of your awesomeness!

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