knitted :: random solitary jellyfish

knitted :: jellyfish, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Good grief, will I ever be finished blogging things I made several months ago? I think I have maybe 5 more knits from 2010 to blog before I can do my retrospective and get on with 2011. Thank goodness for Ravelry, or I would have no idea what I’d made and when.

At any rate, here’s a little jellyfish I made in, uh, July.

You may remember that I knitted a trio of these the previous year for a friend. Or you may not remember. But I did:
for Rav: jellyfish
And I loved them very much.

When the owner of my local yarn shop, Knit A Round , saw them on Ravelry, she asked if I would make one the knitted fish display in the main window of the store. I said sure. That was in August. The display was coming down for the fall but would be going back up in late spring. I meant to get this guy down well ahead of that, but I didn’t crank him out until July – oops! – and I didn’t get him to the store until August.

I’m not much of a toymaker, but I had forgotten how fun and fast this pattern is! If you ever need to make a jellyfish, I’d highly recommend it!

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