knitted :: wee things (handspun baby Thorpes)

knitted :: handspun baby Thorpes, originally uploaded by earthchick.

My love of all things Through the Loops is long and well-documented. And if you know me at all, then you know that I am particularly crazy for the Thorpe – the perfect winter hat and an excellent match for handspun. I’ve made them for adults and I’ve made them for my kids, and when I wanted to make a couple of special baby gifts last summer, I decided it was time to make them for babies.

I used this fiber, a yummy BFL especially dyed for me by Carrie of Funky Carolina as part of her Pure Inspiration Club. You send her your thoughts about what is currently inspiring you, and she interprets it in fiber. I was a member of the club the very first round and it was super-fun. This was my first fiber:
for Rav: Funky Carolina, BFL
6 oz. BFL in “Stacey’s Ocean”
I spun it up this past summer as a DKish 2-ply, but somehow managed not to get a picture of the finished yarn!

At any rate, I thought it looked like great baby colors, so I made these two baby Thorpes (trimmed with some of my first handspun, also Funky Carolina) for a couple of special fellas:
this cracks me up.
Cathy and Carrie with their sweet schmoos.

I actually got to meet Carrie and Charlie at Rhinebeck in October.
Carrie and Charlie
They are every bit as adorable as they seem. Also, I’m pretty sure that Carrie and Charlie were the most photographed folks at Rhinebeck.

I got a little face time with Charlie, too!
pretty Stacey with Charlie.
Isn’t he sweet?

I made these last August, and with 6 ounces of fiber, I still have plenty of yarn left for another baby Thorpe. I knit the smallest size in a smaller gauge than the pattern calls for, and I stopped knitting when it seemed about baby-sized. Now how’s that for specific, eh? This pattern is so flexible and so customizable, as I’ve noted before.

Charlie in knits.

I think he looks smashing in it!

4 thoughts on “knitted :: wee things (handspun baby Thorpes)

  1. We love this hat so much! It fits him so perfectly. I’m glad we got to meet you so Charlie could thank you in person 😉

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