knitted :: Handspun Lavalette

knitted :: Handspun Lavalette, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Well, hello and happy new year!

It’s high time I caught up on all my bloggables so that I can do my usual year-in-review before February, if possible.

First up is this shawl, one of my favorite knits of 2010. I had been wanting to knit this pattern of Kirsten’s for awhile (um, have I mentioned that I love all things Through the Loops> Because I so do.

Sometimes, when I received a hand-dyed fiber, I know exactly what I’m going to ultimately make with it. This was one of those times.
fiber :: FLUFF High Society Fiber Club
This is the April 2010 FLUFF High Society Fiber Club, 4 oz. of 80/20 Superwash Merino/Silk, “Half the World.” I fell in love with it immediately – it is so delicate and so shimmery. I was thrilled with how it spun up:
spun :: FLUFF April 2010 High Variety Club
340 yds of DKish 2-ply

I took the yarn with me on vacation and 3 or 4 days into the trip, had this shawl done.
knitted :: Handspun Lavalette
pattern: Lavalette by Kirsten Kapur
yarn: every inch of my handspun
needles: size 7, I think
dates: August 7-10

I loved every minute of knitting this. The pattern is another beautiful match for handspun – interesting but not so complex that it overwhelms the simple beauty of the yarn. I loved the way the colors played out as I knit it up, and I loved the drape of the fiber.

knitted :: Handspun Lavalette

I made this for our dear friend Susie, who has opened her beach home to us for the last few summers. These colors reminded me of the beach, and of her. Susie is an artist and appreciates the value of handmade, so I felt really good about giving her something handspun.
knitted :: Handspun Lavalette
Otherwise, this would have been a hard one to give away. I pretty much love it!

13 thoughts on “knitted :: Handspun Lavalette

  1. i’m always amazed when i see nearly even striping (or perhaps it IS even, I’m assuming there are small jogs). Anyway, I’ve only accomplished that accidently but appreciate it when people take the time to make the product look as finished as yours! What a great gift!

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