Advent Day 15 :: Set up the nativity scene

Wednesday is always a long work day, and I needed something that wouldn’t take too much work, so this was it. I bought this olive wood creche in Israel 15 years ago, and I love it. I always have a particular way I like to set it up, but this year I gave the boys free reign. Which is why there’s a shepherd in there with Mary, Joseph, and the baby, and why the sheep are right up in there with the manger (which I love!). And it’s also why the wise men are coming from the west, rather than the east. And why one of them is turned out facing the living room instead of the baby.

2 thoughts on “Advent Day 15 :: Set up the nativity scene

  1. one year my bff set up her mom’s Nativity scene with Joseph minding the baby and Mary flirting with the wise men. She hasn’t been allowed to set up the Nativity since then. 🙂

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