Advent Day 3 :: Pick out a new ornament

I have fallen a full week behind in my photodocumentation of this project, primarily because I find it so hard to get decent shots during the work week (i.e., it’s too dark by the time I get home to take a well-lit picture).

At any rate, this was last Friday’s Advent Calendar activity. I thought I would take the boys out after school for them to each pick out a new ornament. But on the spur of the moment, My Old Man and I decided it would be a good evening for actually getting the tree, too. So we got a tree plus let the boys pick out ornaments.

We usually wait until two weeks before Christmas to buy our tree, but the boys are at an age where they are so into all aspects of Christmas that it seemed right to go ahead and get one. Now if only we could find some time to decorate it….

Each boy picked out a sock monkey ornament. Tonight (a week later!) we will finally fully decorate.

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