Advent :: Day 1

Advent Calendar 2010, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So, despite my ongoing longing for a super-sweet handknit Advent calendar, I ended up doing another scissors+glue style papercraft. Once again, the amount of time it took exceeded my expectations. What really ate up the time with this one was my decision to make my own envelopes. Yeah, I know. Standard white envelopes would’ve been only slightly larger than these. But my philosophy seems to be why settle for convenience when you can start from scratch.

So I printed out this template and went to town cutting, folding, and gluing. Then I printed out these numbers (I found these thanks to someone I follow on Pinterest who collects all kinds of free printable downloads), and taped and glued them too. I clipped the envelopes to yarn with miniature craft clothespins.

One thing I forgot from last year is how easily this sort of calendar, when taped to the wall, falls down. This one has already fallen maybe 10 times since I hung it up yesterday afternoon. I switched to packaging tape this morning and that held it pretty well, until it fell down tonight. Not sure how to remedy that yet.

Advent Day 1 :: make popcorn garland

So this was our Day 1 activity. Make popcorn garland. Turns out I’ve never actually done this before. Also turns out that if you do this with thread, it tangles really easily! We’ve paused this activity until we can get some fishing line to try again.

9 thoughts on “Advent :: Day 1

  1. I have also wanted to knit one of those adorable advent calendars! I even started this Summer, knit two mittens, switched to something else because “I had plenty of time”. Thank you for posting all of your wonderful ideas (and comments regarding success) – it is fun to watch and learn.

  2. Longing for a knit Advent calendar here too but not happening this year! Your project looks great, the 3m hooks work wonders, hope you find a solution. Also love the popcorn/ cranberry garland, thanks for the tip on the thread.

  3. i too hope to knit an advent calendar. i am thinking i should make a list of all these things so in july i can get a good head start.
    try 3M Command Damage-Free Hanging Hooks. they are wonderful. they come in all sizes and are easily removed when you are done leaving no marks.

  4. I made a similar calendar last year, except I used coin envelopes and holiday stamps, and I wrote the numbers in. I clipped mine to ribbon, which I tied to nails that were already in the wall (the same ones we hang our stockings from). We also made popcorn/cranberry chains, and if you keep the lengths of thread shorter, it doesn’t tangle as easily. Even if you switch to fishing line, try cutting shorter lengths (you can always knot two or more chains together if you want long ones) or it might just tangle too. Also, make sure the popcorn is stale.

    Good luck!

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