knitted :: for fall (handspun Felicity)

knitted :: handspun Felicity, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Come winter, there is only one hat I’m going to want to wear: my Thorpe . Because when a delicate Southern flower like myself is trying to survive a Michigan winter, she needs two things: ear coverings and cuteness. The Thorpe delivers both in big doses.

But for fall, I thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit. I used to never wear hats in fall – I would hold out until it just got too cold to go hatless anymore. But now I realize I was missing an entire season of fashionable accessories, so I sought to remedy that.

I made this hat back in June, during a car trip. Simple, mindless knitting with a super-fun yarn – one of my earliest handspuns.
YIP.8.24 - spun up
Funky Carolina BFL in “Comforting”
I spun up 208 yards of 2-ply worsted-ish yarn, and I used maybe 75% of that for the hat.

The yarn is a very rustic, very beginner yarn full of overspun places. Funky Carolina’s sense of color is always so amazing, and this blend was no exception. I loved spinning it and I love wearing it.

The pattern is Felicity, a great choice for showing off handspun.

knitted :: handspun Felicity
I like it quite a bit!

And I’ve decided that maybe the slouchy style doesn’t look terrible on me (though I may need a little more slouch to accommodate my combination of huge head and big hair). I have my eye on a pattern that was just released yesterday, by the inimitable Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops designs. Have you seen her Sofie’s Slouch and Mitts? YUM. Love them both and plan on making them sometime this season. Kirsten indicates that Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool would be a good choice for this pattern, and it just so happens that my stash is loaded with it. It’s a Michigan yarn! My local yarn shop (Knit A Round) carries it, and it’s just lovely. Great drape. I would highly recommend it!

Thanks, friends, for your kind comments about my broken ankle. I really appreciate it. As of this evening, I’ve discovered I can get around on just one crutch, which feels like a wonderful kind of progress – I can get my own coffee now! I can get snacks or meals for my kids! Or, you know, I can just sit on the couch a little more and knit.

3 thoughts on “knitted :: for fall (handspun Felicity)

  1. haha… Marissa beat me to it!!! glad you’re starting to get around. Nova is visiting and tried to do the same thing you did… I’m hoping she didn’t succeed.

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