selected :: a winner

I’m sorry it has taken me a few days to come back and announce the winner. Thank you again for all your really wonderful comments. I wish I could send fiber and yarn to all of you!!

Between comments here and on my flickr page about the giveaway, there were 95 entries (including extra entries for those who publicized elsewhere). I entered that number into the Random Number Generator, and lo and behold, my favorite number was selected: 18. That’s been my favorite number since I was 6 years old. At the time I had no idea that 18 was considered to be the number of life. In Hebrew the word for life, “chai,” has a numerical value – 18. It’s also a lucky number in Chinese because its pronunciation is similar to the word for “prosper.” 18 is the number of years of the age difference between My Old Man and me. It’s also the day of his birthday, which was yesterday.

So I thought it was pretty cool and fitting that the Random Number Generator gave me 18, the number of life, for this giveaway. And without further ado, that makes the winner kelly-ann. Kelly-Ann, I’ll be in touch with you about whether you would like me to send you the fiber as is, or if you’d rather I spin it up for you.

2 thoughts on “selected :: a winner

  1. Okay, that is spooky-cool! I believe that is the fates, what ever you think those are. I know that the gift will be made into something beautiful!

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