knitted :: Emerald Coast Shawl (handspun Citron)

knitted :: handspun Citron, originally uploaded by earthchick.

First of all, thank you all so much for your very lovely comments on my last post. I appreciate each one. I am looking forward to finding out on Friday who wins the fiber! (or handspun yarn!)

The sandhole collapse I wrote about happened on the Gulf Coast, a place that is very much in my heart these days, as I’m sure it is in many of yours. The part of the Gulf my family goes to is referred to by some as the Emerald Coast, because the water there is a truly amazing emerald (and the sand is white like sugar). I love it.

So when I bought this fiber from Funky Carolina last winter, it immediately put me in an Emerald Coast state of mind:
fiber: Funky Carolina Wensleydale
8 oz. Wensleydale (4 oz. shown), “Deeper Water”

It was my first time spinning Wensleydale and it was a blast!

spun: Funky Carolina Wensleydale
590 yds. sportweight singles

Sometimes when I get fiber, I immediately know both how I want to spin it and what I’m going to knit with it. This was one of those times.

knitted :: handspun Citron
pattern: Citron by Hilary Smith Callis
needles: size 7
yarn: I used almost every inch of my handspun (so almost exactly 590 yds)
dates: April 24-May 24
mods: none
verdict: This is a fun knit, though it does get a bit tedious during those last two sections. It’s a great use of handspun, and I really loved how the different shades played, sort of like ripples in the ocean.
knitted :: handspun Citron

While I’m really thrilled with how this turned out, I’m not so sure I’ll end up wearing it much (if at all). The Wensleydale is not scratchy, but it is furry and SO warm. The shawl has a very heavy feel to it, not really suited to the cool summer beach nights I was imagining! I loved spinning and knitting with this fiber, but I’m not sure about wearing it. But we’ll see!
knitted :: handspun Citron

17 thoughts on “knitted :: Emerald Coast Shawl (handspun Citron)

  1. Maybe it’s not perfect for the beach, but this shawl is gorgeous! It’s such a perfect color for the pattern, and using handspun/hand-dyed yarn only adds to the beauty!

  2. Beautiful! It probably won’t work for the beach, but I think it will be great for cool fall evenings and will help you remember the beach at the winter weather sets in.

  3. It looks beautiful and what a gorgeous color too. I just finished posting about my finished one this week but I havent blocked it as yet. I cant wait to wear mine.

  4. I…love this!! Great job!
    I started this pattern, but was having trouble with the very beginning…any suggestions?


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