crocheted :: Anne’s English Garden (handspun Anne Scarf)

crocheted :: Anne Scarf, originally uploaded by earthchick.

(insert apologetic comment communicating shock and dismay at how long it’s been since my last blog post)

Well, hello there! So, right to it. I crocheted something.

I had been wanting to make this scarf, in handspun, for at least a year. When I finally truly learned to crochet last summer, my one main goal was to make this scarf. So I did.

I started with this fiber:
for Rav: FLUFFfibers February fiber
4 oz. FLUFF fibers Shetland, February High Variety Club, in “English Garden”

I spun it up into this:
spun: FLUFF February Fiber
478 yds. single, sportweightish (lighter in some places)

And then I set to making this scarf. I loved seeing the blips of color pop out like little flowers in the green. Loved it so much that I just kept going and going, until the scarf was pretty much ridiculously long.
crocheted :: Anne Scarf

It was such a welcome shot of color during those grey rainy days of early spring.

crocheted :: Anne Scarf
pattern: Anne (US/Canada) by MK Carroll – there are a few different incarnations of this pattern, some of them free – and there is now a CAL on the Snobby Spinners forum of Ravelry for people interested in crocheting a handspun one
yarn: my handspun Shetland, probably about half of what I spun, so maybe 235 yards or so?
hook: E
time: March 24 – April 2
mods: none
verdict: super-fun super-quick project, and I love the result!
crocheted :: Anne Scarf

6 thoughts on “crocheted :: Anne’s English Garden (handspun Anne Scarf)

  1. Oh, I love, love, love your scarf! I’ve seen so many beautiful versions of it that I just *have* to make one for myself too. Too bad I still can’t spin, handspun seems to work perfectly for this pattern. Oh well, I’m sure I can find some other pretty yarn to use. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! I wish I hadn’t given away the other half of this skein, because I would send it to you to make your own!

      It’s such a fun, cute scarf, no matter the yarn. I hope you make one!

  2. You sure have been makin’ some purty handspun goodies lately. I think this spinning jag I’ve been on might have a direct correlation to your FO’s.

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