knitted: happy hands (Handspun Warmest Mittens)

knitted: handspun mittens, originally uploaded by earthchick.

All winter long, I wanted to make myself a pair of handspun mittens. Too many other projects kept getting in the way, until one day, I just sat down and did it. Yes, one day was all it took! I cast on for these partway through the Oscars, and 24 hours later I was done with the pair. I can’t believe how fast a basic pair of mittens goes!

They are totally mismatched from each other, but I don’t care, because the colors are So! Much! Fun!
knitted: handspun mittens

pattern: Warmest Mittens by Kris Percival
yarn: 125 yds. worsted-ish 2-ply, my handspun from Hello Yarn Fiber Club Shetland in “Sour Fig.” This was the original fiber:
Hello Yarn July Fiber
One of my all-time favorites. I spun it up into this:
spun: HelloYarn
204 yds. So I have roughly 80 yards left of this bump, plus another 8 oz. of it unspun for a future project I already have plans for.

I love these dark plummy tones:
knitted: handspun mitten #2

And I’m totally mad for the orange with that shot of blue:
knitted: handspun mitten #1

They were so fun to spin and knit, and they are a real treat to wear. I thought mitten weather was over, but I was wrong. It’s super-cold and windy today and I really should’ve had these on. They always make me happy!
52.10 - warm and colorful hands make me smile

12 thoughts on “knitted: happy hands (Handspun Warmest Mittens)

  1. They came out great the colors are wonderful I love that they don’t match up. I have been wanting to make mittens ever since I saw Kelly Petkin posted some videos on You Tube.

  2. So cute! I put off making things for myself too, even if they’re just a quick project. I’m so glad that you made the time for it. They’re definitely worth it! 🙂

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