reviewed :: 5 years of hats

I thought it would be fun to see these lined up. I realized last year that I have made a hat for each boy each winter, and then I decided to make it an official thing.

1 – Child’s Cotton Hat (age 16 months)
2 – London Beanie (age 2 1/2 )
3 – Zeebee (age 3 1/2)
4 – Luggy Bonnet (age 4 1/2 – he hated this so bad because I didn’t make the stars the same color as his brothers – we donated this one)
5 – Handspun Thorpe (age 5 1/2)

Little Buddha - five years of hats

1 – my variation of Child’s Cotton Hat (from LMKG), with a stripe instead of a bow (age 16 months)
2 – hemmed beanie – too loose and too short (age 2 1/2)
3 – Zeebee – too big (age 3 1/2)
4 – Luggy Bonnet from LMKG (age 4 1/2)
5 – Handspun Thorpe (age 5 1/2)

5 thoughts on “reviewed :: 5 years of hats

  1. This is adorable!! It’s amazing to see how much they changed from year to year.
    Also, thank you for reminding me how much I love the Zeebee pattern.

  2. Great idea! A cute way to see the boys grow up and your knitting skills expand! Not that your earlier knitting wasn’t good, but you know what I mean. 🙂

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