knitted: a bevy of hats (Thorpe, a lot)

for Rav: handspun Thorpe, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So sometime around midwinter I caught a bug. A handspun handknit hat bug (say that three times fast). I could not stop making them. So quick! So gratifying! So imminently useful.

Right before Christmas, I knit two hats – one handspun earflapless Thorpe for My Old Man’s son, and one basic black watchcap for my dad. Then I had to focus on finishing my mom’s shawl (thank you for your sweet comments on it). But once I was done with that – back to hats!

blogged: Thorpe I

I loved this project. I spun up 4 oz. of Pigeonroof Studios Superwash BFL, in the “Dovecote” colorway, into 186 yds. aran-ish 2-ply. It had to be a Thorpe, and the colors went perfectly with Little Buddha’s winter coat. We both loved it. And then he lost it.


So I made him another one.
knitted: Handspun Thorpe IV
This one is actually Handspun Thorpe IV because there were two others between the first one and this one (three actually, if you count one that turned out too small and is destined to be frogged). I didn’t quite have enough of the handspun to finish out the ears, so I made some stripes with some grey and blue Shepherd’s Wool I had.

knitted: Handspun Thorpe IV

It blends pretty well, and he was happy with it. I still miss the first one, though.


Tiny Dancer needed one too. And I had the perfect Funky Carolina batt to spin to go with his red and black winter coat. I had 288 yds. of 2-ply. I thought it was aran-ish but it was actually a bit thinner than that. And my first go at the hat would’ve been more suited for a toddler.

knitted: Handspun Thorpe II, take 1

It stretched enough to fit him but it wasn’t a great look. So, take 2:

for Rav: Handspun Thorpe II

Much better! I held the yarn double and loved how it knit up. I trimmed it with Cascade 220 (leftover from my dad’s watchcap) held double.

for Rav: Handspun Thorpe II

Oh, I love that fat squishy garter brim SO much.

for Rav: Handspun Thorpe II

And I love how it fits him more like a helmet than a hat.

You would think that knitting the same pattern four times in a row (five if you count the earflap-less version I did for Christ) would’ve made me ready to move on. But no. Y’all, I’m sure it’s obvious by now, but I LOVE this pattern. Kirsten has so many awesome designs, and I basically want to knit them all. But the Thorpe above all others has a special place in my heart. First of all, it is supremely customizable, since it’s knit top down. Secondly, it looks equally good on just about anyone. It’s totally adorable!! The garter brim, the long braids – super-cute! Thirdly, it shows off handspun beautifully. The blend of stockinette and garter really highlight a delicious yarn. Finally, and most importantly, EARFLAPS. If I’m going to bother putting something on my head, it darn sure better keep my ears warm too. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

So there was one more person who needed a handspun Thorpe, and that person was me.

52.9: and one for me

I knit this from what was left of the amazing Polwart I got from Southern Cross Fibre, in the “Sturt” colorway, that I had used for Chris’ earflapless Thorpe. Polwart is one of my favorite fibers, and it is as dreamy to wear as it is to spin and to knit with. And look at these colors!

knitted: Handspun Thorpe (for me!)

I love it so much, especially with my new winter coat. It is by far my most favorite hat ever. You can tell I’m pretty darn happy with it.

knitted: Handspun Thorpe III

So happy with it, in fact, that I actually decided winter wasn’t so bad after all. Truly! It turns out that winter is all right if you’re dressed appropriately.
Old Man Winter, Bring It On!

9 thoughts on “knitted: a bevy of hats (Thorpe, a lot)

  1. Thorpes out of handspun yarn will never get old! Never! I’ve knit 3, and want to knit 30 more! These look great, I especially love the one you knit for yourself.

  2. There is absolutely nothing better than handspun/handknit garments.

    I’m the same way with the Through the Loops patterns – LOVE em!

  3. “(five if you count the earflap-less version I did for Christ)”

    Knitting hats for the Lord, now that’s devotion! hehehehehe

    Seriously nice hats though; so jealous of your spinning!

  4. Ha, even I have knit a Thorpe out of my own handspun! Whoda thunk? (You know, because I’m not a spinner..) Although I had to make mine without earflaps because I ran out of yarn. Anyway, I *love* your Thorpe-hats, all of them! I need to make another one, *with* earflaps this time.

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