reviewed :: 2009 sewing

2009 :: finished sewing, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Turns out that, in terms of sewing, 2009 was the year of skirts (at least for me). Out of 13 things I sewed (15 shots here for the sake of the mosaic – dupes of the two tops), 6 of them were skirts. Other than that, I finished 2 quilts, made 2 bookmarks, sewed a pup tent, and made 2 tops that make me look pregnant.

I had set a goal of learning how to use my serger this summer, and the week I had planned to start that we ended up having a kitchen fire. That threw the rest of my summer out of kilter, as we dealt with clean-up crews and kitchen repairs. My craft room endured some disarray because of all of it and I never did get around to learning how to use my serger. Here’s to doing that in 2010!

Also up for 2010 will be lots of quilting! Or at least making lots of quilting blocks. I was super-lucky to be invited to join a Virtual Quilting Bee, One Shiny Bee , hosted by Kristy , Chawne , and Jocelyn . T

here are 13 participants, and each month one participant sends the other 12 fabrics with instructions to make two quilt blocks. February (our first month) is Jocelyn’s month, and she’s putting together a sampler quilt. She’s asked for one traditional block and one contemporary, and other than that the design is up to us. For my traditional block, I’ve made a little log cabin, and I’m kind of in love with it:
One Shiny Bee :: log cabin

I’m still working on the modern block. I’m doing my first hexes (also my first paper piecing and first applique). I know that a hex flower is not necessarily “modern” but I have other ideas for the block which will be a little less traditional.
One Shiny Bee :: block two

My month isn’t until November, so I have plenty of time to figure out what kind of blocks I want from everyone. I am really excited to be a part of this, because I’m learning a lot and challenging myself to try new things. I’m guessing all the quilt blocks will mean less clothing-sewing this year, unless I can find some way to bend the laws of time.

3 thoughts on “reviewed :: 2009 sewing

  1. Ooh, you’ve sewn some great things! I’ve been planning on making myself a skirt, but I, umm, haven’t gotten round to it yet.. First I have to take my own measures and then make the pattern and everything.. Maybe I can make it as a project for school. (Oh, in case you haven’t heard, I started school this week, I’m going to be a seamstress when I grow up. 🙂 ) I know exactly what kind of skirt I want to make, I just need to design it first. 🙂 And there I go, rambling on again.. I’ll shut up now. 🙂

    Oh, those quilt blocks look great!

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