reviewed :: 2009 knits

2009 :: finished knits, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Well, hello there! My hiatus was unintentional, and now it’s hard to know where to start, after two months away. I have written many blog posts in my head in that time, but never quite managed to make them real. So let’s skip all the Advent, Christmas, and New Year’s posts I’d intended, and just go straight for the 2009 review. About 5 weeks late. Whatevs.

So, above is what I knit in 2009. never feel like I get as much done as I’d hoped, but when I lay it all out like this, it looks all right. (I did have to take a favorite mitten picture out of this set when I realized that a single mitten doesn’t really qualify as a “finished” object – whoops!).

And here’s the tally:
hats – 6
mittens/mitts – 3
socks – 2
cowls – 1
shawls – 2
sweaters – 7 (4 cardis, 3 pullis – 1 was a child size)
blanket – 1
slippers – 2
toyish – 7 (wow! didn’t see that coming – a handful of stars, 3 jellyfish, a crown and a wand, and a wee ‘shroom)
Total – 31
(made from my own handspun = 6!)
(gifts/charity = 13)

I’m pretty pleased. I think my favorite knit of 2009 was my handspun Damson shawl – it was so gratifying to knit it with my own handspun, and I was so pleased with how it turned out. But probably my most-worn knit of 2009 is #3 up there – my Vine Lace Cardi. I love it SO much, and probably wear it once a week or so. It is super-cozy.

The last six items up there never got blogged. The mushroom was a part of a knitted mushroom mobile for Carrie’s baby shower. Her littlest schmoo is due any day now – send her good vibes!

Next up was a handspun roll brim hat for a charity fundraiser. Then these mittens:
for Rav: Handspun Handknit Mittens
Warmest Mittens, knit in my handspun FLUFF High Society Club Fiber. The fiber was a dream to spin and knit, and I loved these mittens so much. They were a gift for my boys’ kindergarten teacher.

Then I knit these awesome Elf Slippers for my boys:
for Rav: red elf slippers

for Rav: elf slippers

What an awesome pattern. And Pam is such a sweetheart to have made it free. I will be making lots LOTS more of these in the future.

I ended the year with two hats for Christmas gifts. The first was from my handspun Southern Cross Fibre (yummy Polwarth):
for Rav: handspun Thorpe-ish hat

And the last hat was for my Dad, who specifically requested a plain, black “toboggan,” nothing fancy. I went back to my old trusted Ribbed Watchcap pattern, and made this:
for Rav: last FO of '09

He loved it.

So I began the year with a hat and ended the year with a hat. In between, I had a whole lot of fun learning to spin:
2009 :: finished spinning

It was a good year.

I like to give a lot more details about my knits and so forth, but I’m just going to be brief this time, in hopes of actually publishing this post and moving forward into 2010. Well, after I review my 2009 sewing. But then, onward, to 2010!

11 thoughts on “reviewed :: 2009 knits

  1. Wow, Stacey! You make me want to put down my crochet hook and pick up knitting needles. And spinning…that is an awesome feat!

  2. This collage of knits is so beautiful! Couldn’t help but notice the similarity between our ishbel pics. I guess a light blue ishbel on a curly-haired brunette wearing a black shirt in front of some greenery just works out. : )

  3. Stacey,

    I am a fellow knitter just down Rt. 23 (Toledo). I check into your blog every once in a while, and enjoy seeing your projects and yarns (your spinning is wonderful!). After seeing your knits laid out for 2009, I am inspired!

  4. Wow! But I think my fave is the the blue, short sleeved sweater in the second row. I guess I am partial to it because something like that is on my list for the spring…

    Great work, girl!

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