knitted: hootin’ it up, y’all! (owls pullover)

for Rav: o w l s, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I know you’ve already seen a few thousand of these, but here’s mine (pictured here with my yummy golden Through the Loops Mystery Socks).

I’d been wanting to knit this pullover since the pattern came out earlier this year. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting an owly sweater ever since Mandy made this adorable owl cardigan for her Maggie two years ago. So I was mighty glad when Kate Davies designed this adult-sized pulli in January. But it wasn’t until I saw Heather’s version that I actually couldn’t take it any more. I had to cast on. (Well, first I had to order yarn. Fortunately, it came super-quick.)

for Rav: o w l s

pattern: owls by Kate Davies
yarn: Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds, Steel Grey Suffolk, a little more than 5 skeins
needles: US 10 and 10 1/2
cast on: October 23
bind off: November 1

But then I had to decide which buttons to use…
owls: the eyes have it
I got a lot of advice. Click through to flickr to read all the great comments. I stayed torn for awhile. In fact, it was another 3 weeks before I finally made up my mind and sewed them on. I love these little yellow buttons.
for Rav: o w l s
I decided to give one owl on the back purple eyes.
for Rav: o w l s
I kind of wish I’d given the purple eyes to the owl to the right of the one I gave them to. Maybe I’ll go back and switch them.

In the meantime, though, I’m super-happy with how it turned out. Fantastic pattern, great fit, crazy quick knit. Yay for owls!
for Rav: o w l s

19 thoughts on “knitted: hootin’ it up, y’all! (owls pullover)

  1. Even though Maggie’s sweater doesn’t fit (probably) the horriblest thing is that I don’t even know where it is. Horrible! I think I need to knit her another one.

    Your sweater is the bomb. Love the yellow eyes! And it looks like you got a perfect fit. Great job!

  2. It’s wonderful… I’ve been debating what to make out of some brown/grey yarn I bought in Australia… this has moved up the list after seeing your sweater. And I see no muffintop! You’re too critical. Ask hubby… I bet he thinks it looks jjjuuussst fine!

  3. oh, i absolutely love this. those yellow buttons are perfect. i may have to move this up the queue…and consider yellow eyes. your sweater is fantastic — and very flattering. what kind of ease did you plan for?

  4. That’s darling! I’m doing it shorter-waisted for my daughter (because that’s where 14 year olds are wearing sweaters these days), got to the underarms and stopped because Life IS Crazy and I don’t want to screw up the short rows. Maybe this weekend I’ll have some time to get back to it.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of these in knitblogland but yours – with the yellow eyes is my hands down favourite…it goes over the top though with the single set of purple!

  6. Wow – super cute! The yellow eyes are perfect against the grey background. What a fun sweater to wear. I know you’ll get lots of compliments. It looks greay on you. 🙂

  7. Oh, oh, oh, I LOVE this! I’m so jealous, I want to make one too! Maybe I’ll make a kid-sized sweater.. I’m just not that good at making stuff for myself.

  8. That is an awesome owly sweater! Beautiful job! (I just made the owl hat for my daughter and my neighbor has told me that her winter would sure to be warmer and happier if I made her one too.)

  9. great sweater and it looks great on you. the owls become such little characters, right?

    and the boys??? your boys int he last post blew me away with their beautiful eyes and their growing up faces. happy happy holidays. 🙂 a

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