woven: yep, you read that right (handspun handwoven scarf)

for Rav: first woven scarf, originally uploaded by earthchick.

A couple of years ago, I was so taken with the weaving that started popping up at Lolly’s place and Nova’s digs . And yet I was firm with myself – I would not, under any circumstances, decide I needed to try weaving. I had that same resolve regarding spinning, and you know how that ended up….

So last May, when I began taking spinning lessons from Beth at The Spinning Loft , and I saw all the looms in here shop, I told her that I was not going to allow myself to look at them. And I didn’t, I really didn’t. I was determined to have no interest in weaving.

And then one day, after I’d been spinning for a bit, I saw what pumpkinmama had done with some of her Hello Yarn Fiber Club fiber . It is gorgeous. And I knew as soon as I saw it that I would have to learn to weave.

The day after Thanksgiving, My Old Man took me to the Spinning Loft to pick up my Christmas gift (yes, a bit early): a Schacht Cricket loom. It’s a small rigid heddle loom that I am already totally in love with. I spent Friday night learning how to use it, and then on Saturday morning, I made this little scarf.
for Rav: first woven scarf

It is very flawed, of course. Most notably, the edges are ridiculously wonky.
for Rav: first woven scarf
But I love it anyway. Little Buddha loves it too. He claimed it right away and wore it to church the next day. He even insisted on wearing it inside, without his coat. That makes my crafty little heart go pitter-patter.
for Rav: first woven scarf
pattern: None, really. I was going to do all black for the warp but ran out of yarn so I ended up adding a charcoal grey to the edges.
warp: Cascade 220, black; Shepherd’s Wool, charcoal grey
weft: handspun (some of my first) Spinning Colors BFL, “Midnight”

for Rav: first woven scarf
Saturday afternoon, I made another whole scarf (no pics yet). I can’t believe how fast weaving is. And how fun!!


7 thoughts on “woven: yep, you read that right (handspun handwoven scarf)

  1. I just found your blog through the awesome comment you left at Sew Mama Sew…about the Advent calendar ideas! What great suggestions! I wish my little guy was a little older so that he could understand more about this time of year…I’ll have to save your suggestions for next year 🙂

    I just have to say that that scar if SO beautiful! I’ve never thought of weaving, but…I may have to find out more about it now!

  2. I loved the idea that some other people were resisting the draw of taking up weaving. I was also resisting weaving (did I need another hobby?) until I took a weaving class at my LYS and now, my Christmas present was a also a rigid heddle loom. Now, I just need to figure out what else besides table runners and scarves I should make!

  3. You have been blessed with beautiful children!!!
    Your patterns are gorgeous – I have just found this blog, and the pattern design part after Googling ‘handspun yarn patterns’, as I now spin as well as knit.
    I also have ‘kids'(age 19 and 25 ) they go mad at my overflowing stash but at least my youngest, Joshua, is appreciative of my handknitted socks, so I was looking for a pattern for socks to knit with some yarn I’m spinning from some lovely merino from limegreenjelly over on Etsy.
    Also must must must design some socks, as i have been meaning to start designing my own for a while now and so the competition has given me the incentive!Keep up the fantastic work and thank you so much for making some of your patterns available for Free.

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