knitted: chapeau! (Mondo Cable Cap)

YIP.10.13 – Mondo Cable Cap, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Growing up Southern, I never had to wonder what sort of hat would suit me. The weather simply didn’t necessitate a winter hat (though I did wear a fancy Easter hat the year I was 14, oh yes I did). When we moved to Michigan in January 2001, I didn’t own a single hat (or pair of mittens, or pair of snowboots, or a sufficient winter coat), and I tried to keep it that way. Hats mess up my hair! Hats don’t fit my huge head! I don’t want to wear a hat! I spent that whole first winter hatless. Yeah, I can be ridiculously stubborn. And stupid.

When fall rolled around, and the stores began stocking their cold weather gear, I suddenly realized the error of my ways. Winter gear was not a burden to be endured – it was a whole new fashion opportunity! I happily ensconced myself in a camel-colored coat, a matching bucket hat, and a Burberry scarf (on sale at the Burberry outlet!).

I have to admit I’m still not a huge hat person. Though they provide a grand opportunity for accessorizing and also for using up a special skein of yarn in a cute and quick way, they still mess up my hair. I love that old bucket hat – a lot – but it still smooshes down my hair.

The wee Francophile in me has always wondered if I could pull off a beret. I’m not sure if this cap I’ve made qualifies as a beret or not, but I believe that my answer is Oui!

It doesn’t fit me the way it would most people – my hair pretty much fills up the slouchy part, and it’s not as flat on top, again, because of the hair. You can see in this sideview that it’s more like a big loose hat on me than like a true beret.
Mondo Cable Cap, side view
But friends, I’m am pretty thrilled with it. It’s a totally different look for me, but I think it works. I love the color, I love the cables, and I love that I can pull it over my ears without having the brim too far down over my eyes. AND: it doesn’t smoosh my hair! Two thumbs up for that, y’all.

Mondo Cable Cap, rear view
pattern:Mondo Cable Cap by Bonne Marie Burns from Chic Knits – this was a free Mini-Mystery Knitalong that ran from September 26 to October 10. We got three clues spread out over those two weeks – fun! The pattern was officially released (no longer free) on Monday. The Mondo Cable is featured in other patterns this fall, including one I have been itching to make: ( Mondo Cable Cardi)
yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, in Marron Oscuro, less than 1 skein – I’ve had this yarn in my stash for awhile. (I used a skein of it a couple of years ago to make My Old Man a Ribbed Watchcap – so, woohoo! Now the hubs and I have matching caps)
needles brim was done in size 5s, the rest was size 8s
cast on: September 26
finished: October 11
notes: If you make this (which I highly recommend – it would make a great super-quick gift), do make sure to block it on a dinner plate for the full slouchy-effect. The blocking completely changed the look of the hat.

Merci, Chic Knits! Merveilleux!

12 thoughts on “knitted: chapeau! (Mondo Cable Cap)

  1. I’d call that a tam and it does suit you, especially with all your curly hair. They look terrible on me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Does your son wear hats?

  2. I have hat/hair issues as well, and always have to knit hats much bigger to accommodate ‘the mane’. This one looks great on you, and I am very glad to hear that you will be able to cover your ears this winter. Not sure if it’s age or wisdom, but not getting sick is top priority this year! Function over fashion, and all that. You’ve got them both covered with this hat!

  3. It looks fabulous! I think that is the perfect hat for your hair. I’ve had fun planning a bunch of hat knitting now that I’ll actually need to wear hats this winter too.

  4. It looks gorgeous on you — I’d never have guessed you were a slouchy hat virgin. As another big haired chick, I totally back the beret – the curls coming out are way cool.

    I’m working on a little straighter bangs, curly rest of the head thing now and thinking it might do the hats justice…

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