knitted: little gifts for a little girl (Child’s Play Crown and Valentine’s Wand)

for Rav: Child’s Play Crown, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I didn’t get a shot of the adorable little girl wearing this crown (and if I had, I wouldn’t use it anyway – I have a personal policy about never using another child’s photo without permission, and I feel ridiculous asking for permission to post pics of other people’s kids on flickr/Rav/my blog, so I never do it), but LIttle Buddha graciously modeled it for me. (the crown could’ve stood a nice blocking, but I was out of time)

Recently, the boys were invited to a friend’s birthday party. I had just enough time to whip up something small, and had just received the free pattern via Amazon for the Princess Crown from the book Fairy Tale Knits. It looked pretty cute, and I had this leftover Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in "Tickled Pink" in my stash. The crown turned out pretty adorable, but it ended up *way* too large. Because I was using smaller yarn and needles than the pattern called for, I added an extra repeat (an extra point). If I hadn’t done that, I think the crown would’ve been perfect.
for Rav: knitting FAIL

After that fail, I found this pattern for a simple crown. I made the same stupid mistake again – added an extra repeat b/c my yarn and needles were smaller than called for. It ended up a bit bigger than preferable but not ridiculously enormous, so I decided it would work all right.
for Rav: Child's Play Crown
pattern: Child’s Play Crown
needles: size 3
yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, “Tickled Pink,” much less than one skein
dates:September 25-26

I wanted a little something to go with the play crown I made. I found this cute little pattern and made this wand.
for Rav: Wand
pattern: Valentine’s Wand
needles: size 3
yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, “Tickled Pink,” and Socks that Rock heavyweight, “Tanzanite”
date:September 26

These were fast and fun to do, and I would recommend both patterns (actually, I’d recommend all three patterns, including the one that I made way too large). I think they make a great little set for kids who like to play dress-up.
for Rav: crown and wand

3 thoughts on “knitted: little gifts for a little girl (Child’s Play Crown and Valentine’s Wand)

  1. There is also a free pattern on Lion Brand’s website for a felted child’s crown. It is not girlie at all and I plan on making both my kids (girl and boy) gold ones for dress up. I would make a silver one for my son if there was such a thing as silver, feltable wool. The pink crown and wand are very cute and I definitely see them as future birthday presents. Great idea!

  2. Just saw your Princess Crown on Ravelry…so cute. Love the patterns here too. The wand is adorable and your photos are precious…love that sweet expression.

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