knitted: for fall, apparently (Whisper Cardigan)

YIP.9.3 – Whisper, originally uploaded by earthchick.

After feeling a little iffy about the last two sweaters I’ve knit (actually the last three, but I totally changed my mind about the first of those three), it’s so nice to have finished one that is undoubtedly a winner. I love it so much, and I feel so good in it!

I started this cardi in June with thoughts of a summer sweater to be paired with a cute little sundress I was planning to make. I finished the sweater at the end of August, just in time for fall weather. In the end, tht’s all right, because I think this is a nice color for fall.

YIP.9.6 - Whisper
pattern: Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, Interweave Knits Spring 2009
yarn: Earthly Hues Vines (laceweight) in “Butter,” a gorgeous soft yellow, dyed with natural extracts and plant fibers (if I remember correctly, this one was dyed with osage orange). I won this yarn in a breast cancer fundraiser from Mel last fall, and I love it so much. Because of how I received this yarn, when I wear it I feel close to Mel and to my grandmother and my friend Sara, who I donated to Mel’s walk in memory of.
needles: size 7, size 4, and size 2. Doing three inches of ribbing on size 2s nearly did me in, but now that I’m done it was totally worth it!
dates: June 29-August 29
mods: none
verdict: LOVE. lovelovelovelovelove. Did I mention that I love it? Yellow is not a characteristic color for me, so it feel like a nice change. And I love the way it feels to slip something this weight on. It almost makes me want to knit a whole lot more sweaters in laceweight. Except not.

for Rav: Whisper, flipside
Love that ribbing, even though making it made me want to cry.

for Rav: Whisper, sideview
Love those floaty sides.

YIP.9.5 - Whisper
Hello, Fall! Welcome back!

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