knitted: for summer, supposedly (Liesl)

for Rav: Liesl detail, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Well, hello there, blog friends. Has it really been over a month since I’ve written? Why yes, I suppose it has. In that amount of time, my whole world has pretty much changed – the day after Labor Day I took two little boys to kindergarten and myself back to work. So you can probably imagine that things have been in a bit of upheaval over at my place.

And, per usual, I have a backlog of bloggables. Like this little number, finished back in June.

for Rav: Liesl“>
pattern: Liesl (rav link) by Ysolda Teague
yarn: Sundara Aran Silky Merino, in “Tulip,” 400 yds
needles: size 10 1/2
dates:June 21-July 13 (funny that I started this on the first day of summer and finally got around to blogging it on the last night of summer)
mods: I made the sleeves on the short side, which wasn’t really what I wanted, but I ran out of yarn. No, I mean, I really ran out of yarn.

YIP.7.13 - what's left after Liesl
There’s what I had left after splicing repeatedly for the last several inches of binding off the second sleeve.

YIP.7.31 - Liesl

I loved the yarn, of course. And this is a fantastic pattern for this yarn. In fact, I have three more skeins of it in “Crushed Cherries” to make the same sweater, but this time with longer sleeves.

Between the pattern and the yarn, I had high hopes for this sweater as a cute little summer number to wear with sleeveless dresses and such, but the sleeves hit right at the least flattering point on my arms. So it got only minimal wear during the summer. But I tried it recently over a 3/4-sleeved chocolate brown top, and I was pretty pleased with the effect. So I think I’ll be enjoying it after all.

11 thoughts on “knitted: for summer, supposedly (Liesl)

  1. Love the pattern. It’s on my to-do list, once I find someone to-do it for. Do you realize the color is almost exactly the same as the ‘so gorgeous I could cry’ shawl that is in your header photo?

  2. It looks awesome! The sleeves look fine, though is it one of those things that just DRIVES YOU NUTS!!!!! (Sorry for the yelling there!)

    Love the color, it has so much depth for a tan/neutral.

    Another hit by Ysolda!

    A group of NCers are doing a knit-a-long for her Damson shawl pattern. Can’t wait to cast-on!

  3. So cute! I’ve been back at work for two weeks now, and I must say that it sucks. Big time. But at least my girls haven’t had any problems with starting kindergarten, altho I found it horrible to take the tiniest one to kindergarten at such a young age. All the other kids there love her tho, so she’s got loads of kids to play with. 🙂

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