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Thank you, all of you, for your very lovely comments. I so appreciate each one. One reader, Kathy, left a link to a New Jersey story – a 10 year-old boy was almost killed in a sand hole collapse on the Jersey shore last week, on the same day of our accident anniversary. Thankfully, he survived. I really hope to raise awareness to the point that these kinds of accidents don’t happen anymore, and I am grateful for your help in getting the word out.

There were 130 entries in the giveaway (including people who commented on my flickr post about this, plus extra entries for those who indicated they would blog or tweet about sand hole safety). I tried to do the drawing the old-fashioned way, going to great lengths to create little slips of paper and have Little Buddha draw a number. But he wouldn’t quite cooperate, so I went to the trusty old Random Number Generator, and the winner is:

Congrats, Bertha! I will be in touch shortly to get your mailing address and send the Socks That Rock your way.

for giveaway:STR

All right, y’all, I am way WAY behind in blogging about my bloggables – including the birthday party I threw for the boys a month-and-a-half ago. So prepare yourself for an onslaught of blog entries over the next few days. Or not. Who knows how soon I will get to it all.

Thanks again, y’all, for your beautiful comments and support.

One thought on “selected: a winner

  1. I have to thank you for your post about the sand holes. I had never thought of it before, but your post has made me so much more aware of the potential danger. I told my husband about your story, and he said he knew someone in high school who died that way. He had never told me that before. He’s been taking our boys to the beach lately, so your story really touched a cord with me. I really felt your pain in the incident, just thinking about my own sons.

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