sewn: summer skirts (Simplicity 4138 & 2611)

52.2 – Happy Bench Monday!, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I started this skirt in April, with plans to wear it with my modified February Lady Sweater for Easter. But the lime green fabric didn’t look as good with the blue sweater as I’d hoped, so I stopped before putting in the waist and doing the hem (and made a white one instead).

I finally got back to the skirt last week and finished it up. It is such a simple little project – an elastic-waist, 6-gore cotton skirt. The fit isn’t as flattering on me as a classic A-line or basic straight skirt, and I always look better in a fitted (zippered) skirt than in one with an elastic waist.

I had thought I’d relegate this to my fabric pile, to use for something else some day. But after trying it on again to take some pictures, with a simple cami and no hose (would y’all believe I almost always wear pantyhose when I wear a skirt or dress?), I realized that it makes a great knock-around-the-house/play-around-the-back-yard kind of skirt.

And so it will be.
YIP.6.15 - new summer skirt
pattern:Simplicity 4138, view E
fabric: very cheap light green cotton with tiny flowers, from Joann’s

So I decided that maybe tee+skirt+sandals would be my new summer uniform. Which of course meant I needed to make some more skirts. And since Joann’s was having it’s big Firefly Sale last week, I was able to score some new $1.99 patterns and some cheap fabric. Several years ago, I spent a summer making a new pie each week – I started thinking maybe this summer I would make a new skirt each week. Except that I probably have too many other projects (including many other things I want to sew besides skirts) to be that committed.

52.3 - Another Monday, another skirt

Anyway, this is Simplicity 2611 – one of their "1 Hour" patterns. It took me longer than an hour, but I did bang the whole thing out this afternoon, so, close enough. It’s a yoked drawstring skirt – there are just four panels to sew together, then the yoke (with buttonholes for the drawstring). I had a hard time figuring out what size to make, because the finished measurements indicated in the pattern made no sense whatsoever – they were based on the size of the skirt before the drawstring had been tied, I guess?

So I ended up making it too big, which is better than making it too small of course. I know for next time to make this at least a size smaller, maybe two. (I will take this one in so that I’ll actually wear it – but I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit of a pain because of the yoke). I’m pretty sure that even when it’s the right size it’s going to be a fairly full skirt, so I’m not sure if it’ll be the most flattering fit. We’ll see. I’ll be doing more skirt experimenting, I’m sure.


5 thoughts on “sewn: summer skirts (Simplicity 4138 & 2611)

  1. I already professed my love for this skirt on flickr but I’ll do it again here because it’s THAT LOVELY!! You are the skirt queen of the internets:)

  2. I would be interested in knowing whether you remember me (although not terribly disappointed if you do not). We emailed each other for a few weeks in 1998 while I was in Ohio and you were in Georgia. You were an upstart pastor living in a southern trailer with a dog named Mocha and I was an ambitious and impetuous grad student living in a crappy apartment by a polluted river in Toledo.

    I am delighted to see that you have such a peaceful and blessed life–in Michigan! my favorite state. I lived in Ypsilanti while attending EMU, 1992-1995. Your red-headed children appear to have a lot of spirit in them.

    At any rate, I have a flickr site too. Most of the pictures are of my beautiful and talented daughter. username: ninabruetenik.

    You can also file this under weird internet connections: I know add_knitter (Heather). I knew her and her husband when I was teaching at Penn State.

    Peace be with you,

  3. Cute skirts! Perfect for summer. I had the idea that I would sew a bunch of sundresses this summer. The first one was too small, so I’ve stalled out a bit. Hopefully I can pick up some more fabric this weekend and try again!

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