sewn: for a pair of five year-olds (Pup Tent)

YIP.5.31 – Pup Tent, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Having finally conquered the birthday quilts, I was looking for some quick little something to sew for the boys’ birthday. This pup tent from Weekend Sewing fit the bill.

I waited until the Memorial Day Sale at Joann’s to pick up some outdoor canvas (because otherwise, 54″ home decorating fabrics are kind of pricey!). This pattern calls for 2 1/2 yards, and I think my final price was something in the low $20 range – much better than the $45-ish it would’ve been without the Sale coupons. (I have a thing about avoiding paying full price for fabric at Joann’s, because you can almost always catch something on sale there – either outright on sale, or with the use of a coupon – if you are willing to wait just a bit). Anyway, I thought this colorful striped fabric was just perfect for a backyard tent. Doesn’t it just scream “Pottery Barn Kids”? (I mean, except for the price tag – because if it were PBK it would be something like $99, yes?)

The pattern is straightforward, simple, and fast. Basically you sew three pieces together, make some loops out of bias tape, and sew the hems (with loops inside the hems). Get yourself a rope and some tent stakes, et voila! You can have yourself a campout. The book indicates that you can use aluminum needles instead of tent stakes. While that is a cute idea, it also costs twice as much – unless you happen to have some knitting needles lying around that you don’t mind jamming into the dirt. (I bought a set of 4 tent stakes for about $3.49, and priced out similarly sized aluminum knitting needles at $3.69 a pair – and of course you would need two pairs). There is enough fabric left over to make a matching outdoor cushion. I have the pillow form and plan to do this, eventually.

The boys got new sleeping bags from their aunt for their birthday, so we are just waiting for some good weather so that we can have a backyard camp-out.
Pup Tent


12 thoughts on “sewn: for a pair of five year-olds (Pup Tent)

  1. That is DARLING!!!! I always wait to use the coupons. Plus, for any teachers out there – you can get a card that gets you 15% off your total purchase all of the time!!!

  2. Cutest tent ever. Very very cool. You know, pup-tenting can be done very happily in the living or dining room during forbidding weather…..

  3. i think i was looking at that exact fabric at joann’s for the exact same project. how good is that book? i love it and your rendition on the tent. make sure you get some pics of the sleepover outside. šŸ™‚

    and happy bday, big boys. 5!!!! that is nutty.

  4. Yay! Love JoAnn’s sales! I made some scores over Memorial Day, too. Of course, as good as the sales and coupons are, I think their full prices are borderline criminal. I suppose there are people out there that value get-it-now over price that makes their methods worthwhile…

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