obsessed: hooping

365.345 – Hula Hoop, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So perhaps I should rename this blog earthchick … does stuff (and some of it is knitting). Knitting is still happening, of course, but spring always means I want to sew more, and with my 365 project on flickr I have fallen even more in love with my camera, and I also had a brief and intense encounter with vampires (yes, I realized I am the last 30something woman you know to read the Twilight series). Basically, it turns out that I’ve been throwing myself passionately into a whole lot of things besides knitting. And now, I have become completely obsessed with something that is totally unrelated to arts, crafts, or vampires.

Hooping! Like many other flickrites, I got interested in hooping because of gleek. I watched her hoop-related posts on her flickr stream for two months, enchanted my her hooping videos and inspired by her enthusiasm. Others started getting hoops too, and the next thing I know, I had to have one too.

So I got a hoop for Mother’s Day, and, much to my surprise, I was able to pick it up and start hooping right away. It seems like a natural augment to my yoga practice and my weight-lifting regimen. And I can’t seem to stop! I feel like I could do it for hours and hours, but I don’t have that kind of time. So I’ve been doing 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there, and then giving myself 5-minute hooping rewards for doing housework. (yeah, I know, kind of sad that I have to have an incentive to keep a clean house)

365.344 - hoopin' it up
Poison Apple hoop from Hoopnotica.com (44″ hoop, weighing 2 lbs – if you want to hoop, you really need a hoop made for adults, not a child’s hoop). I got the Hoopnotica basic DVD too. So far I’ve only watched the waist hooping part. I hoop to the right but can hoop to the left a little. I can do a little hip hooping as well as walking around and spinning. It’s addictive, y’all!

I’m learning some other new skills right now too (read: more obsessions). I’ll be blogging about them soon. Back to hooping now.

12 thoughts on “obsessed: hooping

  1. I LOVE that first picture – the colors are AMAZING!!! At my MIL’s 75th Bday party two little nieces (about 7 and 5) went crazy with the hoola hoops. Especially the older one – she could move it from her knees to her waist and over her shoulders to her neck! There was a crowd watching her!

    (I love seeing the pictures of the rooms in your house too – it’s fun to “spy” into other peoples homes.)

  2. Ok, now I want a hoop even more!

    Still considering the 365 SP on Flickr. I watch all of you do it and keep quiet in the comments.

    So what else do you have up your sleeve? Hrm?

  3. Dude: That is so awesome. I bet it’s a great workout, too. And dang, you should see the rewards I give myself for doing housework!

    Great picture, btw.

  4. Stacey, I love your enthusiasm!! And I am jealous, because I was not able to hoop right away and still can barely do 20 seconds w/o it falling…but I am so motivated by experts like you;)

  5. Well, you’ve got me shopping for hoops — and I may be past 30something, but I have not read the Twilight series, either. My son gave me the 1st book for Mother’s Day, however, so I’ll be starting soon. I teach high school (math), so I have been aware of the series — a lot of the kids & even other teachers are reading / have read the books.

  6. I never thought about being a left or right hooper…. hmm. i haven’t done it in years. it’s kind of hard now… 🙂

  7. This is one funny obsession. Not bad or anything – just “makes me laugh” funny. And I borrowed all the Twilight books from my daughter last summer and read them in her air-conditioned bedroom comfort (my room isn’t air-conditioned.) It was a very guilty pleasure!

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  9. Hey Stacey,
    What fun to see that you are in Ann Arbor. Me too! My friend and I have started a hooping group that meets at the West Park parking lot off of Chapin on Sundays @ 11:00. It usually is at least two people. So far it has been a blast. Come on down and hoop with us! and anybody else in A2 for that matter. Helen B.

  10. Hooping is such a great way to get rid of stress, you’re laughing too hard to worry about exercising, but at the end of the day it is exercise and it does get you fit.

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