celebrated: Earth Day

I took this picture standing under the canopy of a weeping cherry tree in the memorial garden of our church. The tree only blooms for a few days each year, and it is spectacular. The first time I ever saw it in bloom was the morning my grandmother died in 2001. So whenever I see it blooming, I remember that morning and feel a strong surge of emotions and connection to my Granna.

YIP.4.22 - under the weeping cherry
(this was taken from underneath the canopy)

Truth be told, i didn’t do that much to celebrate Earth Day, other than spend some time in the garden enjoying nature. And talk with my boys about recycling and caring for the earth. I stopped at the natural foods store that afternoon and since I was in my husband’s car I didn’t have my usual assortment of reusable grocery bags. I couldn’t bear that thought of using plastic bags on Earth Day! At the natural foods store! So I bought yet another canvas bag while I was there. So, yeah, that was how I celebrated.

365.160 - new world

How about you?

I am so behind in responding to blog comments, but I appreciate them all so much. Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment. You have all been so kind in your comments, especially on my February Lady Sweater. Please know that I appreciate each one.

6 thoughts on “celebrated: Earth Day

  1. I made two coffee sleeves to share with friends and dug up a plant from my yard to share with a student who asked me what she could do for Earth Day. Nothing life changing, but some little things to remind us. (And I left all of the lights off in my classroom while I didn’t have students.)

  2. The picture at the top is beautiful and the memory of your grandmother is so sweet!

    For Earth Day I planted some Forget-me-nots, pinks and daisies…I hope they do as well as the Choleus I started from seed last year!

  3. What a beautiful tree and a wonderful natural reminder of your grandmother, that’s wonderful.

    Tad and I don’t do anything particular for Earth Day – we always seem to be discovering new ways to reduce our impact, so it never seems like we do “enough”, but it’s always on the radar. I can’t believe how far we’ve come from our oblivious days, I shudder to think about how much we wasted!!

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