knitted: Michigan-Made Mittens (Elinor’s Mittens)

365.317 - I wasn't supposed to need mittens in April

pattern: Elinor’s Mittens by Pamela Wynne
yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’ Wool (a Michigan yarn!)
needles: size 1s for the cuff, size 5s for the rest
cast on: January 17
bound off: April 6
mods: I had to re-do the top several times to get the right fit. When I followed the pattern, it was longer than I wanted. I ended up sort of intuiting the final shaping based on how I wanted it to fit.

Can you tell yet that I am a total Pammie-fangirl?

I started these in mid-January but had to rip back because they were turning out too tight. Even on 5s, they are smaller than I would prefer – I probably should’ve gone with 7s (I underestimated how I needed it to fit as well as how much my gauge would tighten over cables). Ripping back and redoing, coupled with the problems I had with the length of the mitten, led to a long delay as I got caught up in other projects, and the next thing I knew, I thought mitten weather was over. I was wrong and should’ve finished the pair, but for now I am declaring these done until next season, when I will either make one to match or make a whole new pair a bit looser.

This pattern? FABULOUS. At the time, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do cables or colorwork, and this pattern offered both. I LOVE the yarn I found at my LYS to do these in. It isn’t a tweed but has a similar kind of depth to its colors, and it shows the cables beautifully. I am calling these my Michigan-Made Mittens – they were designed by a Michigander, knit by a Michigander, and done in yarn produced and sold in Michigan. And of course they are mitten-shaped, like Michigan! ๐Ÿ™‚

YIP.4.14 - Michigan-Made Mittens

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