prepared: Easter celebrations

365.316 – Easter preparations, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I love Easter, for so many reasons. I especially love all the little preparations involved. The boys could hardly wait to get to work on dying the eggs.

There were mishaps. But we’ll include those in the hunt anyway.

YIP.4.11 - Easter prep

I saved these little plastic cups from a couple of years ago. They make me kind of happy.

365.314 - spring is for sewing
I got my Easter skirt made (it was a quickie! I’ll definitely be making this pattern again).

YIP.4.10 - fabric sniffer
My boys learned long ago, by observation, that an essential part of checking out any yarn was to sniff it. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when Charlie started applying the same principle to fabric. He interrupted me while I was sewing the hem on my Easter skirt to ask if he could smell it. Why of course, dear one, sniff away.

bunny cake
For my entire life the Easter bunny cake has always been chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I decided to switch things up a little this year. I made the cake chocolate but the frosting white buttercream. My face-designing skills obviously need some work, but otherwise I’m pleased. And the boys are really excited!

The best part of the preparations is that the boys don’t seem to have any memory about Easter baskets on Easter morning, and we haven’t been talking about them (we don’t do the “Easter Bunny” – I just make them baskets and each year they know they are from their dad and me). So I think they are going to be surprised in the morning.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope it’s a happy one for you and yours.

3 thoughts on “prepared: Easter celebrations

  1. these pics are so awesome, S! I especially love the close up of the eggs. I can’t wait to see your skirt + FLS outfit! and I want to hear more about this pattern – is it something that a beginning and not very skilled clothes sewer person could make? 😉

    Also, happy Easter! hope it’s a wonderful day.

  2. Love the Bunny Cake! My mom always made a Cat Cake at Halloween and a Bunny Cake at Easter–recently my brother-in-law was looking at a family album and declared the 1970s the ‘Decade of Theme Cakes’ in the McCoy household:)

    Happy Easter to the young ones and you! We had to leave the service b/c Nora was acolyting, fainted and hit her head on the altar. The service came to a grinding halt! We went to the ER but she is fine, thankfully:)

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