handknits in the wild: spring in Michigan

O hai, it is April and we have had two days of snow. I am a delicate southern flower and was not raised to weather such cruelties.

It did, however, give Little Buddha once last chance to wear the hat I made him in November. (Don’t ask about the one I was supposed to make for Tiny Dancer just like it, after he hated the one I made for him because it had green stars instead of blue. I feel terrible about it, but am trying to make myself feel better by remembering that he generally refuses to wear hats anyway, including handmade ones from me).

Little Buddha spent some time cleaning snow off the hammock (another thing not to ask about: why on earth we didn’t store our hammock for the winter). He applied himself very thoroughly to this task, refusing to stop to smile or pose for me (he only turned around here because I called his name; then he got right back to work).

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