found: Crappy, the Craposaurus

In all my decluttering and organizing, I found this old knit, from the summer of 2006. I had decided to make both Bronty and Stegs for the boys. I knit all the pieces for both and got this far in seaming Bronty before I realized it was a total bust.

Crappy, the Craposaurus
pattern: Bronty from X-treme Knitting
yarn: Rowan DK Cotton

That’s pretty much all the details I remember! The knitting itself was fine, but the stuffing was a bust (I realized I should’ve knit at a tighter gauge), and the seaming was so fiddly (and I had no idea what I was doing). In retrospect, I should’ve knitted it all in the round. The neck was ridiculously floppy, the face is embroidered on crooked, and I only put one leg on because really – what was the point of going any further?

So I put him in my craft closet and forgot about him. When I ran across him this weekend, I had to give him a little sympathy cuddle. When Little Buddha saw this picture, he insisted that I let him have the toy. I explained that I hadn’t done a very good job on it, and he insisted, “That’s all right, Mom.”

But he does want me to put the other three legs on.

Of course, I have no idea where they are.


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