knitted: Winter’s Last Hurrah (Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater)

Cable and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater, originally uploaded by earthchick.

pattern: #90 Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater, SweaterBabe
yarn: Knit Picks Swish Bulky, squirrel heather, a little more than 6 skeins
needles: size 11
time: Feb 17-Mar 12
mods: didn’t include belt
verdict: Cute, quick, cozy knit, but not the most flattering fit for my body. Apparently, I can pull off a bulky knit as a cardigan, but maybe not a pullover. I love the cuffs and collar though. (I also really enjoyed working with this yarn – my first time with it.)

YIP.3.16 - Cable and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater, collar
The cowl neck is fantastic and super-cozy. The cables took me longer than typical cables – in fact I probably spent more time on the cowl neck than on the rest of the sweater.
365.286 - Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater, sleeve detail
I really love the sleeves. The bell plus the cables plus the swingy soft yarn make them extra-yummy.

I would highly recommend the pattern – it is fun and interesting (and quick!). It’ll be a nice warm (and soft!) sweater for cold weather.Winter is almost gone (is it wrong to declare that in Michigan? There could still be more snow!), but I’ll enjoy having this sweater as a staple in my wardrobe next winter.

Cable and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater

14 thoughts on “knitted: Winter’s Last Hurrah (Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater)

  1. I agree, you look cute. I, on the other hand, would have a gray uniboob that started at my chin and ended at my navel.

  2. It’s an unusual style but yo look good in it … what’s the Old Man’s opinion (as if I couldn’t guess …)?

  3. I think it’s really cute! I’ve been knitting Sweater Babe lately too. Just finished the Charming Shawl Collared Cardigan, and now I’m on to the Lush and Lacy Cardi. 🙂 I’ve been looking at this Cowl Neck pattern for a while, but I think that I need to wait till I’m done nursing first. It looks fantastic on you, but with my current chest size, I’m afraid it’d look rather scary. :0

  4. it is stunning! i love the cables and that big cowl… it looks so incredibly cozy. i think it looks really good on you- chunky is so hard to pull off, i think, but the shape of the cowl + the sleeves makes the whole look very flattering. beautiful work!!
    ps i thought winter was over but it was *snowing* this morning in brooklyn!

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