knitted: one perfect sock (Embossed Leaves)

I will wait to do full details until I have completed the set, but I couldn’t wait to show this baby off. This pattern is such a winner (it’s one of the top five most-knitted sock patterns on Ravelry, for good reason), and the yarn (Sundara Sock, in Midnight Meadows) is, of course, delicious. These leaves in the dark green make me so happy. I am waiting to start the other sock until I finish up my pullover in the next day or two. I hope to have a pair in time for St. Paddy’s Day. What? You don’t knit socks to wear for holidays? Apparently, it is my New Thing.

(shown here with an Embossed Leaves sock in Socks That Rock, blue moonstone – and my beloved Danskos)

7 thoughts on “knitted: one perfect sock (Embossed Leaves)

  1. Beautiful socks! So rich. They remind me of the woods in the beginning of summer. Sigh, sadly summer is still a long way off…. Love the danskos too!

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