trying my hand at micro-blogging

365.265 – sick day, originally uploaded by earthchick.

It’s no secret, my blogging has taken a hit. The first blow came in May 2007 when I joined Ravelry. The second, and more thorough one, came when I began my 365 self-portrait project on flickr in May 2008. Apparently, my internet time does not increase with additional online activities. Instead, I have a set amount of time (give or take a few hours here or there) and I simply shift what I am doing within that time. So the more time I spend on flickr, the less time I spend on my blog, or Ravelry, or Facebook.

At any rate, I love my little spot in blogland and don’t want it to get too quiet. So I’m going to try something new. The 365 project is a sort of micro-blog experience (as is Twitter, which is a micro-micro-blogging experience). I’ve decided to try to link up my flickr posts and my blog posts a little more and see how that goes.

Anyway, in today’s news – our household has been sick. Tiny Dancer has strep, Little Buddha and My Old Man are getting over colds, and I was the last to fall, with something like a cold but that had as its primary symptom unremitting life-crushing fatigue. (dramatic much?)

For awhile, I felt well enough to knit, and made a good amount of progress on several WIPs. By yesterday afternoon, though, I was too tired even to hold needles. So my boys and I cuddled up on the couch with blankets and tissues and watched DVDs on our new TV. (you know what I love? Madagascar and Madagascar 2. I don’t know when I have loved children’s movies as much as I love these two. Love them. LOVE them!).

My projects have included these:
2009.2.22 - think green! (again)
(Embossed Leaves in Sundara – my first experience with Sundara – and it’s everything I had hoped it would be!)
and this:
365.263 - cowl neck sweater, in progress
(Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck Sweater, from SweaterBabe)
We are all on the mend today; I think the worst is behind us. I am happily back to the needles. On tomorrow’s docket? Cleaning about five days worth of a non-cleaned house.

Hope you and yours are well!

5 thoughts on “trying my hand at micro-blogging

  1. As my mother would say, “Don’t forget to wash the sheets.” 🙂

    The socks are beautiful. Hope you are all back on the mend soon. There’s not much worse than a sick mom.

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