knitted: sunshine on a cloudy day (Mitered Mittens)

365.246  outtake

The thing that is hardest to me about Michigan winters isn’t the ridiculous amount of snow (60 inches just in December and January) or the biting cold. It’s those interminable grey skies. November to April seems like one long streak of grey, and though I like grey as a color (quite a lot, actually) I do not like it as a sky. So when a single skein of happy yellow Malabrigo beckoned to me from a shelf at my local yarn shop, how could I resist?

2009.31 - Mitered Mittens
pattern:Mitered Mittens from Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann
yarn: Malabrigo worsted, in Pollen, less than 1 skein
needles: size 7
for:Sister Betty, a Benedictine nun who embodies the joy I associate with the color yellow
dates: January 22-30
modifications: none
verdict:A super-fast, super-fun, super-soft knit. These could have flown off the needles except that I kept making mindless mistakes with the mitering and had to rip back several times. I did the afterthought thumb, as recommended by Zimmermann, but if I make these again I will definitely do a gusseted thumb. As it is, the afterthought thumb pulls the mitering way off center:
puckered palms

Still, these are great little mitts and I will definitely be making more. These make great gifts, or a super-fast indulgence for oneself!
365.246 - I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

13 thoughts on “knitted: sunshine on a cloudy day (Mitered Mittens)

  1. They’re SO pretty!!
    There’s a neat mitten pattern in the little Vogue “Mittens on the Go” you might like….they use the Feather and Fan pattern and I think are knitted from the top down, and they always remind me of these Mitered Mittens. I’ve been wanting to make both. I wish my library had some EZ knitting books!

  2. Your mittens are so sweet! The lemony yellow works perfectly.

    I’ve just knit that pattern as well, and LOVE mine!! I totally need to more pairs — I love the way that it is easily resized as well. What a great pattern.

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