resolved: ten minutes a day (spinning)

365.247 - Orange you glad it's Handspun February?
Orange You Glad handcarded batts, 2 1/8 oz., cormo, coopworth, sparkle
from funky carolina

Did you know that it’s Handspun February? Christy said so. C’mon and join the fun!

I’ve been dabbling in spinning for awhile. I love my spindle from spinsanity.
2009.6 - sad spindle
I dream of a wheel someday, but it’s not in the cards right now. (Though I am considering renting one from the local spinner’s guild – if I can figure out where to put it in our wee house.)

My novice status hasn’t stopped me from approaching fiber with the same zest I approach knitting and yarn. I have managed to accumulate a stash in a rather small amount of time. In addition to the orange batts above, and some equally lovely batts named “Scutterbotch” (which is every bit as lovely as it sounds), I also have acquired some roving from Stephanie at Spinning Colors.
2009.11 - mmmm..... chocolate
Mmmmm. It’s “Chocolate Morsel” BFL. It’s what I’m currently spinning, 10 minutes at a time, and I love it. I have more of Stephanie’s fiber, plus a few ounces here and there of other goodies I’ve picked up along the way. And I somehow managed to get into the Hello Yarn fiber club this go-round. And, since I can never do anything new only partway, I even signed up for a Funky Junkies spinalong/sweater-along. So I’ll be getting more yummy funky carolina fiber; I plan to make a pair of vests for the boys.

That’s not too much is it?

Okay, I realize that maybe it is, especially on top of my regularly scheduled knitting. But I plan to approach it ten minutes at a time, at least once a day, and we’ll see how it goes.

365.225 - eat your colors every day!
As the world turns grey and white outside, I console myself with a colorful fiber diet!
(pictured here: Hello Yarn, VanChocStraw BFL – tasty and nutritious!)

Happy Handspun February!

11 thoughts on “resolved: ten minutes a day (spinning)

  1. Oh, nice stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing those batts spun up. 🙂

    (Be sure to floss after your “meal” — those fibers get stuck everywhere.)

  2. Beautiful roving. Looks like fun times ahead! I continue to successfully avoid the lure of spinning. 😉 Can’t wait to see yours! I love that last picture!

  3. I always enjoy reading your blog and all the talent that you have. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things you create. I really like the vine sweater and have been looking at knitting it for a year now. I personally deemed today as leave a comment on every blog I visit. Have a good weekend.

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