reviewed: 2008 knits

finished knitg

It’s so satisfying to see them all laid out like that.

This may be of interest to no one else but me, but I like to know my knitting stats. So here they are:
total knits: 36 (the mosaic only has 30 squares because some of the knits were multiples of the same item – like the next and the gingerbread men – and I also grouped a couple of things together).
hats: 9
sweaters: 8 + 2 shrugs (4 baby sweaters, 2 kids sweaters, 2 adult sweaters
socks: 2
cowls: 4

shawl/stole: 1
other: 1 dishcloth, 1 spider-web, 3 birds nests, 2 gingerbread men
baby stuff: 9 (including 3 BSJs)
kid stuff: 7
gifts: 20 (not including the 6 things for my own kids)
for me: 10

It really helps me to see the number of things I knitted for others (a total of 26 if I include what I knitted for my kids) versus what I knit for myself, because I generally think of myself as a selfish knitter. I’m also really surprised at how many baby things I knit this year. I think I’m done with BSJs for awhile, and maybe with baby stuff in general for a bit.

Things I want to knit more of 2009:
sweaters for me
stuff for my kids
socks (I’m truly shocked at how few socks I knit in 2008 – and only one of the pairs was for me. I actually cast on for twice that many but haven’t yet finished the other 2 pairs).
I also plan to always knit at least one last shawl/stole a year, and preferably more.

If I had to name a favorite knit of 2008, I would probably say my February Lady Sweater. I loved every minute of making it, and the end result is exactly what I’d hoped. It is such a classy little number, and I feel so good wearing it. My Moonshadow Stole would be a close second – I won’t wear it as much as the FLS of course, but it is definitely probably the most stunning piece I made this year. I love lace so much and it is so satisfying to finish a shawl.

36 is a pretty good number of knits, especially considering that that includes 2 adult sweaters and 1 lace stole. But I actually cast on for more items than that number represents. After I do my 2008 sewing retrospective, I will take a look at the unfinished knits of 2008 and consider what will happen to them next.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge that one of the biggest knitting-related accomplishments of 2008 was my Full Circle Raffle. 124 people entered, I gave 9 prizes away, and we raised a total of $2317. That was so exciting, and I still remain grateful for all the support. You’re the best!

5 thoughts on “reviewed: 2008 knits

  1. Wow – an impressive list! I wouldn’t count the items you made for your kids as items for you. So you actually made 4 things for yourself this year – same as me! I almost made the same total number as well, although I did less knitting overall as many of my items were quite small.

  2. Ayuh, you done good! (ooops, spent too much time at the post office today, chatting with my neighbor- a tough old Mainer! I’ll be ‘doing’ his accent for days now!)

  3. I might steal that mosaic layout for a look at my own knitting! And I must say, I am finding my February Lady Sweater to be a joy – why did I put it off to knit some under-appreciated slippers? Enjoy all the planning for the New Year!

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