knitted: unintentional wookie (Wooly Gingerbread Cookie)

After my great success with the Wooly Nests I made for Christmas gifts, I was happy to start another Marie Mayhew felted project. The pattern itself was great – clear, straightforward, and super-fast. In my zeal, however, I managed to overfelt the little guy:

Wooly Gingerbread Cookie

Wooly Gingerbread Cookie

pattern: Wooly Gingerbread Cookie by Marie Mayhew
yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca, sportweight (bought as a part of a kit from the Yarnery
needles: 10 1/2
dates: sometime in the mid-December blur I made two of these; it didn’t take long
modifications: unintentionally turned him furry with the felting (I plan to shave him); totally failed in the embroidery department (the french knot and I do not get along); didn’t have tiny buttons to put on him and ran out of time to go out to hunt for them
verdict: this is a very cute little pattern that I may take another crack at again some day, when I’m not under the holiday gun. My boys are kind of crazy about gingerbread men, and I had this idea of serving these to them on a little plate with little child-size cloth napkins embroidered with gingerbread men from last winter’s Wee Wonderfuls winter stitchettes). I got the embroidery pattern transferred but never stitched. For now, the boys are still waiting for me to shave their felted gingerbread men.

My last knit of 2009 is still be blogged and then I can finally do the whole retrospective of the year and start facing forward. You know, just in time for February.

7 thoughts on “knitted: unintentional wookie (Wooly Gingerbread Cookie)

  1. I love Marie Mayhew patterns! I have the snowmen patterns and the Christmas stocking pattern. That gingerbread man looks adorable even fuzzy!

    I’m enjoying your blog. Love your photos!

    Ronda (aka Niki on plurk)

  2. You made me laugh out loud this morning. Totally Wookie! My husband and I are Star Wars fans so I called him over to take a look — he wants one for his office. 🙂 (PS: Enjoy your blog — you’re a very talented knitter!)

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