knitted: for charity, apparently (Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet #2)

Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet

Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet

I didn’t have any intention of knitting the first one of these, and I certainly hadn’t intended to make two. I had a whole different hat planned for Tiny Dancer, but once he saw Little Buddha’s Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet (anyone else kind of hate that name?), he had to have one just like it.

Little did I know how seriously he meant just like it . I thought using the same colors would be sufficient. I decided to change up the order a bit, to tell the two hats apart, and to keep things interesting. So Tiny Dancer’s star panel has a dark green background.

And that, apparently, is the deal breaker. It was supposed to be dark blue, just like his brother’s. So what I have made, it seems, is a hat for our Cooperative Nursery’s Silent Auction in February. Who knew I would be so ahead of the game?

I promised him a slice of (vegan) cheese if he would just say "cheese"
pattern: Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet from Weekend Knitting
yarn:bits of Wool of the Andes, Swish Superwash, and Lorna’s Superwash Worsted
needles: size 7
size:followed the directions for 6-18 month size, knowing that my gauge was drastically different (since I was knitting with worsted and the pattern gauge is for DK)
cast on: December 1
finished: December 5
modifications: Knit in the round. Added braided tassels. Left off the reverse single crochet (crab stitch) edging (i.e., just did the double crochet). Changed top shaping because I didn’t want the long pointy top. So I followed the decrease directions from the Kim’s Hats pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I liked the outcome of these decreases much better than what I came up with Little Buddha’s hat.
notes: Even following the directions for the smallest size, the hat ended up way too big for Tiny Dancer, who’s head is smaller than Little Guddha’s ginormous noggin. For the next incarnation, I will recalculate what I need to cast on based on his exact measurements and my gauge. As it is, this hat actually fits me – and I have a notoriously huge head (when Little Buddha was 4 months old, his head measurements jumped off the chart and the doc was concerned. After a CT scan came back normal, I told the doctor I came from a family of big-headed people. He measured my head and said, “Wow, you do have a large head.” He then wrote in Little Buddha’s record: maternal history, big head. Nice.) So you can get an idea of how large this “luggy bonnet” is:

verdict: He hates it.


No. I mean he really hates it.

So yeah. Looks like there’s going to be another one of these in my near future. With the star background in dark blue. And oh yeah, this one is going to fit.

10 thoughts on “knitted: for charity, apparently (Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet #2)

  1. Hey, my daughter’s medical record actually says “familial megacephaly” or in other words, your family has big heads.

    MRI at 2 years for d1, then the pediatrician caughto on.

  2. You are too funny, girl! This hat is great; too bad he doesn’t like it. However, the last picture will be worth a lot of laughs one day.
    I can’t believe that now we have two things in common (the first was ric-rac) I, too, have an enormous noggin. I’ve always found it embarrassing that I have a larger hat size than my 6 foot 3, 220 pound hubby. When I first told my mother that I was pregnant, she laughed out loud and said, “Well, now you’ll know what it feels like to deliver a Miller head.” Thanks for the sympathies, Mom. My second son’s head measured way off the “normal” chart, plus he was 11 pounds at birth (but I had an easy vag delivery 15 min after arriving at the hospital—go figure;0). Anyway, I just tell my hubby that my head is so big in order to encapsulate my incredible brain….he he he!

  3. can i just say that i would totally wear that hat!? it looks adorable on you!
    but yeah, way to be ahead of the game with the knitting, and TD’s sad face is just too cute.
    i love how much he wants to be just like his brother, though. that’s really sweet.

  4. I think you should keep it — it looks great on you and it looks so warm! And you’ll be able to tell it apart from the boys’ hats, because, y’know, it’s green! (And I have a big head, too. When measuring my head for my band uniform hat, the director measured it about 3 times — apparently, my head was the biggest in the band!)

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