knitted: Killer Sweater

Could I love this sweater any more than I already do? No, I could not. It is perfect. A perfect knit, a perfect finished object. I love everything about it.

pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
yarn: Socks that Rock, heavyweight, in Tanzanite, just a shade over 2 skeins (probably 750 yards total, as per pattern)
size: XXS (a few inches of negative ease)
needles: 8
cast on: September 15
bound off: October 4
modifications: none needed
notes: If you’re considering using Socks that Rock (which I would highly recommend – I think it’s a perfect marriage of pattern and yarn), and you’re going to do this sweater in the XXS version, it’s possible to get by with only two skeins. I did 18 repeats of the lace on both body and arms. I could’ve gotten by with 16 or 17, probably not had to start a 3rd skein, and then just blocked it aggressively enough to get it the length I wanted. As it is, the fit is perfect for me – arms and body both fall exactly where I wanted – but I didn’t block very aggressively, at least not length-wise.

As some of you know, I agonized over the buttons a ridiculously long time. The buttons I thought I had in my stash, the ones I used for the February Baby Sweater, were not actually there. So I went to Joann’s to buy more, and of course I ended up with several other options in my bag. After much polling, online (even Pam herself rung in) and at home, the consensus was still in the direction of my original choice. Little Buddha declared my second choice (a beautiful coconut button) to be ugly, and my original choice to be perfect and beautiful “because it’s colorful.” Who am I to argue with the aesthetic of a four year-old?

FLS, now with buttons! (and matchy purple handknit socks)

FLS, now with buttons! (and matchy purple handknit socks)

verdict: possibly my favorite knit



I fell in love with this Socks that Rock colorway last February, when I knit the February Baby Sweater for a charity auction. The whole time I knit it, I kept thinking how much I’d love to make the exact same sweater in the exact same yarn, in me-size proportions. Four months later, Pam made it possible, with her free pattern. I knew immediately I’d be making it, and in the same yarn, but it was a few more months before my queue cleared up enough to cast on. Oh, who am I kidding? My queue didn’t clear up at all. I just suddenly became obsessed when fall hit, and I knew I needed my sweater. Right. Now.

the man who made it possible

the man who made it possible

Around that same time, I got obsessed with something else as well – Dexter. My Old Man and I watched all the episodes of season one and season two over the course of about two-and-a-half weeks. It’s no coincidence that that is exactly how much time it took me to knit this sweater. I could call it my 24-hour sweater, since I watched roughly 24 hours of TV while knitting it, but I like to think of it as my Killer Sweater (that does sound better than Sociopath Sweater, yes?).

I love it so. I love that it can be totally elegant, or that it can just class up a casual ensemble.

churching it up

churching it up

feeling kicky in a homemade A-line skirt and Italian boots

feeling kicky in a homemade A-line skirt and Italian boots

feeling classy

with jeans

with jeans

Did I mention that I love this sweater? Because I love it. I lovelovelovelove it. I am going to wear it whenever I need a pick-me-up. I am going to wear it whenever I need a boost of color during the long grey days of winter. I am going to wear it till it falls apart.

February in October

February in October

45 thoughts on “knitted: Killer Sweater

  1. YOU love it? I wish I could be you in that sweater. Really. Especially with those argyle tights and Italian boots. It really does go with all different types of outfits. You never have to take it off!

  2. now that is an FLS. you look amazing in it, in all of its incarnations. mine is done but awaiting a proper photo session and quite possibly another aggressive blocking as something is up with the length. but i lurve yours to pieces.

    i do not know how often you swing by my blog but i have a little giveaway going (my first). come comment if you have a chance.

  3. Your sweater is gorgeous! I think we may have been sharing a wavelength – my FLS is purple and I’m almost positive that I had the same buttons from Joann’s in my hand for mine! I decided to go with some pewter buttons instead though. The buttons are absolutely perfect with yours!! I love the way they mimic the subtle shifts in color in the STR yarn you used. Beautiful!

    You can see my purple FLS and the buttons I chose on Ravelry:

  4. Love the sweater!!! I may just have to make one for myself, but I don’t think it will look as cute on me as it is on you.

  5. so much to love here… the color, the fit, the gorgeousness of the sweater and how fabulous it looks on you!! these photos are just lovely and the sweater looks so pretty and comfy. congratulations!

  6. Crap. I have never liked this sweater until I saw yours. Now I have to add it to my huge long never-ending queue. You are a dangerous woman!

    It’s beautiful, by the way πŸ™‚ And did you use a pattern for the skirt? I want to make a plain a-line skirt and for some reason can’t find a pattern.

  7. O love it, and you even used the button I wanted you to! It’s fits you perfectly. lol, I can tell how much you really love this…just by how many pictures you posted of you in it!!! Enjoy it,

  8. As one curlyhead to another, I am curious: do you ever blow-dry your hair, and if so what dryer do you use? I am trying to find a good one.

  9. This sweater looks fantastic on you! I love purple and I love that yarn. I’m going to make this sweater for NaKniSweMo (hopefully πŸ™‚

    I love all of the different outfits you paired it with. So cute πŸ™‚

  10. Love the color, love the sweater. I was able to download the pattern; can you give me a hint on where to find the yarn? A weblink to a supplier would be terrific!

    Thanks a bunch!

  11. I said it on flickr and I’ll say it again – I want one! In purple! STR! It turned out so lovely, and it’s so rewarding to knit something that you absolutely love!

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