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Our beautiful niece, who got married last fall, gave birth last Tuesday to a big (9 lbs. 9.5 oz.!) beautiful baby boy! I took the opportunity to knit a couple of favorite stand-bys.

Baby Surprise Jacket, with collar, and Oscar Booties

Baby Surprise Jacket, with collar, and Oscar Booties

patterns: Baby Surprise Jacket, with collar, by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knitting Workshop, and Oscar Booties, by Angela Muhlpfordt (free pattern)
yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport, in Franklin’s Panopticon
needles: size 3 for BSJ, size 0 for booties
dates: August 16-30 for BSJ, August 30-September 1 for booties

You would think that, having finished these knits several weeks ago, I might’ve gotten them sent to my niece well before her son’s birth – especially given that he was 2 weeks overdue. But no. I was not pleased with the collar, which flapped open a bit because I started the top button a bit further down than I should’ve. So I had decided to add a little snap at the top. I hate sewing snaps onto knits. So I dragged my feet, for well over a month. Finally, last Saturday, I determined to add the snap.

And it sucked. It felt very fragile, since there was nothing to stabilize it, and I sewed the two pieces of the snap opposite of how they should’ve been put on. Next time, I taking the advice of noirbettie, and getting a snap press! The BSJ looked all right:

BSJ, with snap, sans collar

BSJ, with snap, sans collar

But all that fiddling with the snap made me realize that the collar, even before my crap sewing job, didn’t look so great. The edge needed a better finish. I thought about my options for a bit, looked at several of the thousands of BSJs online, and finally decided to take off the snap and add a collar. Problem solved:
BSJ collar

BSJ collar

BSJ with collar

BSJ with collar

Now the first button is in exactly the right place. And I’ve decided that the little collar – which I had been iffy about before adding one myself (because I really associate the BSJ with that cute little square neckline) – is a pretty adorable addition.

Something else I learned from this knit is that I really need to make a more stable buttonhole. The simple yarnover version just isn’t quite enough for the type of buttons I sometimes choose.

square buttons

square buttons

I know it looks like I didn’t block this, but I really did. I am not sure why it looks wonky like that. But aren’t the buttons cute? Next time, I may skip buttonholes altogether, use a snap press to add snaps, and then put whatever buttons I want on top decoratively (like I did for my February Baby Sweater). That will negate the need for more stable buttonholes as well as the possibility of this kind of wonkiness in the edge. Also, I always found snaps to be the easiest closure for clothes when my boys were babies.

For the booties, this time I made a little i-cord for the tie, rather than the ribbon I used last time. I liked the result.

Oscar booties

Oscar booties

I continue to love this little pattern – so quick and easy, with a completely precious result. I use the same yarn as for the BSJ, but with a much smaller needle for a denser fabric and very small bootie.



I’m putting all of this in the mail today, along with a cute little brown onesie with blue trim and some blue pants. And a few other baby clothes that might’ve ended up in my shopping basket. I love little stuff!

In other news, you guys were SO great with all the button input, and I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your comments. I had decided to go with the shell button I mentioned and that most of you agreed with, only to discover I was wrong about still having it in my stash (I had shell buttons but darker ones that didn’t show up as well). So I went to Joann’s to buy more, and I may have ended up with a few too many options:



After way too much agonizing, I finally made my choice and got them sewn on. The sweater is beautiful. I’ll be showing it to you soon!

13 thoughts on “knitted: baby stuff

  1. the bsj never gets old. it is such an awesome patten, i will have to knit one post-holiday just for kicks. i love the collar!

    the other week joann’s had 50% off on buttons but i did not go in, i am trying not to spend and i know i will if i walk through those hallowed doors. that handful of buttons does tempt me though.

  2. Love the BSJ! I modified it a couple times to make a pullover cause I hate buttons and buttonholes, LOL.
    On one old baby sweater, I had that same flapping issue. I ended up folding the corners over, onto the front, and sewing them down with little ribbon roses. With babies lack of necks, having anything stick up just gets messy, LOL (and that hasn’t changed for us, LOL)

  3. There is a bsj in my future knitting this winter (though I have no idea who I’m making it for!!). Every time I see one, I get the urge to cast on, despite the multitude of projects in the works….

  4. That is awesome. I love the buttons you used, much better than snaps I think.

    I received my Adult Surprise Jacket pattern in the mail today and can’t wait to get started.

  5. Ham I just finished one myself! Such a great pattern–luckily I got to see the dvd while finishing it which made was helpful. And how funny, I almost used that very yarn and colorway!!

  6. I inherited a professional snap press. In the future, if you ever need snaps, I could do them for you real quick. 🙂

    Very, very lovely BSJ and bootees set.

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