hooked: Socktoberfest!

old socks, new clogs

old socks, new clogs

I hadn’t planned on celebrating Socktoberfest – too many other projects in line right now – but then I noticed the Through the Loops Mystery Sock Knit-a-long, and I couldn’t help myself. I joined right away.

Since this was an unplanned (and therefore unbudgeted) knit for me, I decided I should go with stash yarn. I’m using the Louet Gems Merino, sportweight, in eggplant, that I won in Dave’s blog contest last year. I first tried to make some Charade socks with it, for my friend Cathy, but I made multiple mistakes and set them aside. Later, I ended up with different purple yarn, making a pair of Uptown Boot Socks for her. After finishing those, I swore I’d never knit tiny cables with dark yarn on size 0s again, but I guess I was wrong. If I were buying new yarn, I might’ve gone with something orange, or yellow, or cream, or light brown. But I think the eggplant is going to be yummy (and fallish!) too.

TTL Mystery Socks, cuff

TTL Mystery Socks, cuff

The clues are coming out each Wednesday. Clue #2 was released last night, at midnight. There are two versions – a basic sort of lacy version, and a charted cabled version. I’m doing the cables, over 64sts. I did the cuffs on dpns (my new and gorgeous and yummy Darn Pretty needles
Darn Pretty Needles

Darn Pretty Needles


After I finished the cuffs, I moved both socks to 24″ circs, to do them both at the same time. Only twice now I have accidentally used the wrong needle end to knit. Gah! Any tips on avoiding making that (ridiculous) error?

It’s not too late to join the Mystery Sock KAL, if you’re interested. Kristin Kapur, the designer, is involved in the KAL group on Ravelry – which is already over 1000 members! I’ve wanted to knit one of her designs for awhile, and this is certainly a fun one to start with.

Are you celebrating Socktoberfest? If so, how?

8 thoughts on “hooked: Socktoberfest!

  1. I really, really want to, but I can’t because i dont get, the 4 needles knititng part…
    I do best with just two and am confussed at trying 4…
    I paid lots of money for socks today at locla dept. store…I gotta learn!
    I wished you lived close to me. 😦

  2. I had thought vaguely of doing something for Socktoberfest, what with my obsession with wearing handknit socks, but so far all I have done is buy more DPNs. So I think I may celebrate just by wearing the socks I’ve already knitted, and maybe fondling my sock yarn a little.

  3. I also jumped on the chance to join this KAL, mostly because I do not consider myself a sock knitter, but aspire to be one. I’ve only knit 3 pr of socks, all plain stockinette. This is my first attempt at a pattern, and what better time to try than when 1000 other knitters of varying levels of experience are doing the very same sock??
    Just think of all the ‘lifelines’!(As in, ‘Regis, I’d like to use a lifeline’…)
    I’m shamelessly opportunistic like that!
    And it’s been really fun so far. I’m down into the leg with the second clue (basic pattern for me), but I’m dreading the heeeeellllllzzz!!!
    p.s. I also have those clogs, very comfy!

  4. I’m seriously tempted by this mystery sock thing. I need to work on the projects I already have going though! I use the 2 circular method for socks pretty much exclusively, so I can offer up my way of knitting with the right tip. When you have your stitches moved to the left needle and in position, just find the tip that has the longest cord. That’s your winner. Happy socktobering!

  5. Yo I’m doing the Mystery Socks as well! Mine are in some stash Madtosh sport weight that I am loving:) I’m also doing another pair of Monkeys just for kicks…

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