Lyric Tree, undone. And a raffle update

So one of the prize packages for my raffle is Lamb’s Pride Burly Spun, in cream, enough to make a Lyric Tree, or something else of your choosing. I fell in love with that pattern the moment I saw it – trees are kind of my “thing” – and wanted to make it immediately. As soon as I finally finished my Sunshine Top, I cast on. 5 days later, I had this:

Lyric Tree, WIP, without hood

Lyric Tree, WIP, without hood

I couldn’t believe how quickly this thing came together, especially considering that 3 days in, I realized I had made an error when I divided for the neckline and I ripped back half the sweater. Even with having lost that time, this was a super-quick knit. When it was time for the hood, I tried it on. And discovered I should’ve made it with positive ease. Those big bulky stitches just weren’t that flattering in a form-fitting pullover, at least not on me. So now the sweater looks like this:

Lyric Tree frogged

Lyric Tree frogged

This was my first go at doing a felted join, so when I frogged I ended up with one ginormous ball o’ yarn. When I frogged, I had only used less than 3 skeins’ worth of yarn – so I don’t see any way that the sweater, even in the bigger size, is going to take the 6 skeins of yarn I bought. That makes this knit significantly less expensive than I had thought. Also, the 6 skeins included in the prize package for my raffle should be enough to make the sweater in any size.

Raffle Update
My continued thanks for your amazing support of my raffle. Your donations, your blog links, and especially your kind words have meant so much. Thank you! I am a bit behind on sending confirmation emails, so if you have donated in the last 2 days you haven’t heard from me yet, but you will. I will send out all confirmations prior to doing the drawing. Right now we are about $160 away from $2500 – if we get there, I will throw in one more prize. Regardless, I am thrilled – we long ago surpassed my (unannounced) goal of $1000. So cool.

You have until 12:00 noon, CST, tomorrow, 08/08/08 to make a donation to be entered in the raffle. I will then confirm the rest of the entries and do the drawing sometime tomorrow afternoon. I will post the winners by 6:00 CST. I’m so excited!!

6 thoughts on “Lyric Tree, undone. And a raffle update

  1. I’m with Jason; we can’t let you get that close (though, somehow I feel that you’ll have already reached your mark by the time I donate). I can’t resist the malabrigo and love lace… have I mentioned that emerald is my favorite color???? Since Purl Soho is a confirmed sewer’s prize, I’d like to not be considered for that. I know some of my sewing friends are gasping… thank you for doing this, btw — WTBG will get so much use from such a thoughtful donation.

  2. hooray for being so close to $2500! i just recently found your blog and have been catching up. good luck with it!

    cathy (runnergirl713 from flickr 365)

  3. I’m so excited, too! I’m glad you are finding time to knit on vacation…or coughcough-unknit-cough…
    The sweater didn’t look so awfully tight from the back, but we’ll take your word for it!
    Standing by until tomorrow….

  4. 2500….how awesome! i love the sweater and, with your knitting speed, it will be back soon. cannot wait to see where all the gifties go…hope some come to me!

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