Raffle prize #8: Lorna’s Laces

You guys! You just keep rocking. So. Hard.

We hit $2000 yesterday morning and as of today are well on our way to $2500. Thank you – not only for donating, but for providing linkage on your blogs to the raffle and sending folks over this way.

As promised, I have another prize to throw in, since you guys came through with another $500.
Lorna\'s Laces, Helen\'s Lace, 1 skein, 1750 yards, in Vera[/caption]

Such a yummy colorway for fall, isn’t it? And one skein is enough to make a beautiful shawl. It was hard to capture the colors adequately. Here’s a view of the other end.

Lorna\'s Laces, Helen\'s Lace, 1 skein, 1750 yards, in Vera

Lorna's Laces, Helen's Lace, 1 skein, 1750 yards, in Vera

Purchased at Knit Nouveau. Prize value = $57.

The drawing for the prizes is going to be this Friday, August 8th. Donations received by 12:00, noon, CST (since I’ll be on the Gulf Coast and not in my usual EST), will be counted as entries in the raffle. Every entrant so far should have received an email confirmation from me by now, indicating how many entries you have. If you haven’t, or if I got the number of entries wrong, please let me know. I have tried to be diligent about including the blog mentions as an entry, but I may not have matched up your blog entry with your name correctly, so please do let me know that as well.

Also, the Color Wheel Bundle from Purl was finally restocked and is on its way to me. So that prize will be a fabric bundle, and not a Purl gift certificate. Only about two people have indicated that they would be specifically interested in that prize. A number of people have actively opted out of that prize. If you do not want to receive the fabric bundle, please let me know by replying to the email I sent you confirming your entry, okay?

Thanks again, friends. You’re the best!

4 thoughts on “Raffle prize #8: Lorna’s Laces

  1. Saw this via Ravelry this week link. I am so excited to see this raffle and the cause! I love seeing women in the ministry. Thanks for the opportunity to donate and help a wonderful cause!

  2. I actually haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet–I donated $10 about a week ago. I wasn’t sure how to let you know–sorry for the confusion!

  3. Hi there! I replied to your initial email, but got a “I’m on vacation” message, so don’t know if you actually got it! You registered my donation, but not my blog link.

    Well done on raising so much money!

  4. Hi there

    Just to let you know I received this on Saturday. Thanks a lot, it’s beautiful and I’m almost inspired to make my first shawl. Love the colours!

    Thanks again. I’m glad the fundraising went well.


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