Raffle prize #7: Again with the Sea Silk

2 skeins Sea Silk, ~ 875 yards, in Glacier (I think)

2 skeins Sea Silk, ~ 875 yards, in Glacier (I think)

I had a glorious time at Knit Nouveau picking this out. It was the only Sea Silk left, tucked away near the back of the store. No notes on the tag as to color, but it’s a gorgeous brilliant blue with a streak of silverish grey in it. Maybe it’s Glacier? I’m not sure. I’ll try to get more shots of it another day, so you can see the full effect a little better.

Prize value = $75

Oh, and on the chance that you guys would kick things up another notch by contributing another $500 before the raffle is over, I went ahead and bought the next prize package at Knit Nouveau. No pictures for now, or even clues. Suffice it to say, that if I have to keep this package myself, I won’t be tooooo disappointed. But given the current length of my queue, it would be a long time before I could use this. But I’m sure you’d put it to good use. Right?

8 thoughts on “Raffle prize #7: Again with the Sea Silk

  1. Wow. That is the most amazing skein of Seasilk I’ve ever laid my eyes on! I’m glad you guys are having a good vacation, although I feel your pain about the wi-fi.

  2. Stop, stop, stop, with the sea silk!!
    I’m going to have to donate again!!!!
    (you know, in some bizarre twist of Marissa-logic, I can donate three times what that seasilk would cost, but I would never spend that much money on yarn for myself.)
    Have a wonderful, lazy vacation.

  3. This stuff is all gorgeous! ALL OF IT. I donated ’cause it felt like the right thing to do*, didn’t actually see the prizes ’til after I hit the button. Now I wanna win win WIN.

    *er… got an email from PayPal, but not from you

  4. okay, I’m feeling the Marissa urge… must donate more…. why couldn’t it be a society for the support of spiders? then I could resist, but I konw the money is going to a good cause even if I don’t win. grrrrr… :~O

  5. I’m with Marissa & Kathy.

    And I came over here to say, I want to roll around in that Sea Silk. Ummmmm……I must be a fiber fiend. My mother’s dream comes true!

  6. I’ve been playing around on ravelry and can’t remember how I got here! 🙂

    But I just donated (under my real name of Elizabeth). This sounded like a very good cause. I’m very glad to hear of the happy outcome of your son’s accident.

    If I happen to win something, I’m a knitter who likes purple and turquoise. 🙂

    Good luck with everything.


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