Notes from the road

My Old Man (and my nose) on the road

My Old Man (and my nose) on the road

Hi there! I am writing this from a Panera in Birmingham, Alabama on a wickedly hot afternoon. After two days of trying to slide onto randomly open wireless networks from a few hot spots in my brother-in-law’s condo, I finally decided to let Panera make an honest woman of me. Only now that I’m here, the free wi-fi is moving ridiculous slowly. How could that be? Please tell me it’s not my new computer. I’ve got four bars and a definite connection, so I didn’t expect to have this much trouble loading pages.

At any rate, I’m just stopping by to say two things. First, THANK YOU again for your continued support and promotion of my raffle. I remain totally blown away by the response. I wanted to let you know that this week I will be a bit slow in acknowledging blog comments and paypal donations because of my internet situation. It will be Saturday before I have more reliable access to the internet; after that I will play catch-up with the acknowledgments.

Secondly, as of last night we’ve hit $1500!!! You know what that means – a trip to the yarn shop for another prize. Woohoo! I’m so excited. I’m headed there as soon as I leave here. Knit Nouveau carries Sea Silk, Lorna’s Laces, and many other heavenly goodies, so I’m sure I’ll find something you’ll love.

We have three weeks of vacation still stretched out in front of us, so we are feeling pretty dang good right now. I hope it goes slow and easy (and safe!). Happy summer, wherever you are.

6 thoughts on “Notes from the road

  1. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be leaving this as a comment or email or what, but I donated $10 a few days ago. I don’t really have a special preference, prize-wise, except that I probably wouldn’t have much use for the fabric bundle because I’m not a quilter and, as a college student with no access to a sewing machine, am not likely to become one soon!
    …actually, if I am totally honest I have a special yearning for that Malabrigo…
    but I just like yarn!
    Good luck with the contest–and way to go, harnessing knitters for a good cause!
    And have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Hey, Stace!

    Just stopping by your blog to say hello and tell you that I, too, am using a Panera Bread for all my internet needs until my cable can be hooked up. Life without the web is frightening….



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